Dearest Sunnies

We are making this project: ” Love Letters to Hye Sun” 

Here is our final dicussion result:-

Confirm date to post letters/postcards/greeting cards is on 21st January, 2013 
reason: since the post take 7-14 days the best we post on 21st Jan, so that Hyesun will receive our letter before the Lunar New Year (10th Feb) and Valentines Day (14th Feb) and also the mail service might slow down due to LNY festival.

For Address please see below, please follow and write exactly like this: (I am not sure if it is OK to write the address in English. We may need to verify it through a post office. I know that we have to write down, Seoul, South Korea in English at the bottom of the address.)

Gallery Café Manolin 

갤러리카페 마놀린

주의: 구혜선 attention: Ku HyeSun

서울시 서초구 반포4동

Seoul-shi SuhCho-gu Ban Po 4-dong


Seoul, South Korea


Tel: 02-599-8845~6

Mobile: 010-4424-1413


YG Entertainment 

attention: Ku HyeSun

397-5 YG Building (5th Floor)
Hapjeong-Dong, Mapo-Gu


Seoul, South Korea

(there seems to be many different addresses for YG…since above address is found by Big Bang fans, perhaps we can trust it.)”

So let’s do this tog Sunnies; let’s show our love for Hyesun-ssi and our International Sunnies power.

Sunnies Fighting!!!