JYPark’s tweet: Beautiful actresses, Min HyoRin, Yoo InNa and Goo Hye Sun, came to the “Bad Jazz Bar” and made it so much better.  Hyorin who always stands by me; InNa who supports me by bringing over her entire family; Hyesun-yi who quietly and shyly cheers for me…Thanks! And thanks to Yoobin-yi who came all the way to In Chun to suppport me.

30_12_12 ghs fue al bar de un amig

According to the article posted, it appears that JYPark is in the middle of his concert tour called Bad Jazz Bar. He started it in the middle of December. I am not sure when he tweeted his message. the article also says that his concert is receiving much attention as “19 gold, dramatic and intense performance.” On Dec 28’s concert, he brought onto the stage a female audience member to whom he showed “strong skinship and even a kiss on the cheek.”

cr: DC GHS / Translation by Cheerkoo – Soompi