[Photo] Lee Min Ho Arrival @ Incheon Airport Nov 19th

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[News] Korean Actor Lee Min-ho Charms Filipino Fans


(clockwise from left) Lee Min-ho at his mall tour, eating adobo and the huge crowd at Mall of Asia. (Photos courtesy of @ninjanoonas on Twitter, Lee Min-ho's Twitter and Mall of Asia)

 MANILA, Philippines – Korean superstar Lee Min-ho kept Filipino fans occupied in the last four days as he held his fan meeting and mall tours for Philippine clothing brand BENCH.

From his arrival last Nov. 15 up to his departure from the Philippines on Nov. 18, thousands of fans followed his every move.

Lee Min-ho was at the Benchsetter Fun Meet last Nov. 16 at Smart Araneta Coliseum.

He followed this with mall tour and autograph signing events on Nov. 18 at SM North EDSA Skydome, Glorietta New Activity Center and SM Mall of Asia Music Hall.

During the Benchsetter Fun Meet, Lee Min-ho answered questions from his fans and translated by host Sam Oh.

He said he wasn’t vain but he is confident about his looks. He added that he takes care of himself and loves to exercise.

Lee Min-ho added that his favorite Korean food is chigae or Korean stew, which he requests from his mom.

Asked about the possibility of having a Filipino girlfriend, Lee Min-ho said he wouldn’t mind at all.

Oh said Lee Min-ho told her that he found Filipinas very passionate and Filipino fans very warm and nice.

After the fun meet, Lee Min-ho also got to taste “adobo,” one of the Philippines’ signature foods.

“I would like to say thank you to all the fans who made out to the Bench event. Adobo.  Masarab! [Delicious] Nice to meet you,” the actor tweeted to his 917,000 followers and also posted on his Facebook page, which has 6.46 million fans.

In an interview with “The Buzz” on ABS-CBN, Lee Min-ho credits “Boys Over Flowers” as the drama that brought him fame.

“Every time I have a new project, I feel different about it. ‘Boys Over Flowers’ helped me in getting to where I am today so that’s really special. But the other dramas that I did are also important to me. In every drama series, I do different things,” he said.

He thanked his fans for helping him reach his goals.

“I don’t forget that it’s because of the support of my fans that I achieved success. I’m very honored and I’m very thankful for the support of my fans. I achieved fame and success because of their love and support,” he said.

Lee Min-ho left the Philippines for South Korea on Nov. 18.

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[Video] HunanTV 娱乐无极限 – Lee Min Ho @ Semir Fanmeeting in ZhengZhou



[News] Lee Min Ho to endorse Bokbunja beverage



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[Pics] Lee Min Ho says, “My parents manage my income”

Lee Min Ho recently talked about how he manages his income.

In an interview, which was conducted during his photo shoot for the December issue of the lifestyle magazine @Star1, which will be published on November 21, Lee said, “My parents manage my income, so I know nothing about it.”

Regarding his dream as a young man, Lee said, “I want to go backpacking all around the world. I want to make a plan for the trip by myself and go.”

Regarding types of characters he wants to play, he said, “I’d like to portray a rebellious character. I want to portray a variety of characters that I can portray at my age.”

During the photo shoot, Lee was praised by the crew for having smile on his face throughout the photo shoot despite the cold weather.

The interview with Lee can be seen in the December issue of @Star1.

Source: TV Report / 

Credit: Korea.com

More Pics from @Star1
Photo Source: naver news & atstar1.com

[News] ‘Personal Taste’ wins best international drama award at Japan’s ’2012 GayO! Store Awards’


Personal Taste‘, starring Lee Min Ho and Son Ye Jin, has won an International Drama Award at Japan’s ‘2012 GayO! Store Awards‘.

Hosted by Yahoo! Japan and video subsidiary company ‘GayO‘, the awards chose the most viewed movie, domestic drama, international drama, animation, and variety shows of the year for a total of six awards.

‘Personal Taste’ received a win in the international drama category and the honor of placing 7th in the ‘GayO! Store Annual Ranking 2012′ combined chart, proving the drama’s popularity in the country.

In related news, Lee Min Ho will be holding a fan meet in Japan on December 2.


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[News] Business World – Lee Min Ho madness

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Text version:

I HIRED a special Korean tutor before the press conference for Lee Min Ho last Thursday in order to properly greet him and ask him a question or two in Korean — only to be told by emcee Sam Oh that the questions had been “pre-screened” and that the media would not be allowed a group interview.

But the disappointment dissipated when Min Ho arrived. He was about an hour late but he was well worth the wait.

Dressed in a blue cardigan over a crisp white shirt, skinny jeans and white sneakers, the 25-year-old Korean superstar was oozing with appeal and boyish charm. He has discarded his long mane last month after he wrapped up Faith, his latest koreanovela (Korean TV mini-series) where he played an elite warrior in 1300s Korea, but the bob cut suits him just as well.

He was generous with his smile, greeted the press “Hello… Mabuhay!” upon arrival and he gamely answered the filtered questions thrown by Ms. Oh which ranged from his fashion preference to what he thinks of the surprise internationl hit song/video “Gangnam Style.”

With over 30 commercial endorsements, 6.5 million Facebook fans, nearly a million Twitter followers, and over 200,000 friends in me2day (similar to Facebook, only in Korean), Min Ho is undoubtedly one of the hottest actors in the K-drama land. He began acting in 2003 but it was the iconic Gu Jun Pyo role in 2009 smash hit Boys Over Flowers that catapulted him into stardom. This was followed by the romantic comedy Personal Taste, the action-packed City Hunter, and the period drama, Faith.

During the press conference, Min Ho said that it’s starting to get cold in Korea so he welcomes Manila’s “warmth” on his first visit.

Warmth in the form of over 10,000 screaming fans at the Araneta Coliseum was what he got the following day.

He said there is an inexplicable universal factor that makes fans relate to the Korean culture and he’s only too glad to be among its ambassadors.

When asked about the overnight sensation Psy, Min Ho quipped: “If I say I didn’t dance to the ‘Gangnam Style,’ I’d be lying.” When cajoled by the press for a sample, he quickly added: “I can show you another time.”

At a little over 6’1”, he’s literally a walking mannequin who is partial to dark, fitting but comfortable clothes. Much like his City Hunter character, Lee Yoon Sung, he prefers the preppy, polished look. While he is not very particular about shopping for clothes and does not think twice about his purchases, he is very finicky with his hair. He revealed that there was a time he washed his hair three times to please a girl. Nowadays, keeping his hair in shape is a breeze as always has a hairstylist in tow.

He said it did not take much convincing to accept the offer to model for Bench, confident that the clothing brand fits his image as a celebrity and an actor. And the best thing about being a Bench endorser is that he gets to have his own huge billboards on some of Manila’s busiest highways.

It may sound over-the-top but fans from as far as Mindanao lined up as early as Thursday evening to get the opportunity to see Min Ho in person on Friday at Quezon City’s Araneta Coliseum.

The fun meet was short and sweet. The first part had Ms. Oh asking him 15 questions sent by fans through Twitter while the second half was spent interacting with select fans.

Unfortunately, Min Ho neither sang nor danced as expected by fans. He admitted he is not the most graceful dancer, as seen during his December 2011 fan meet in Beijing, where he danced (or more like marched) to “We Will Rock You.” At the Araneta, he was candid enough to say that many laughed at his feeble performance, and that it will take some time before he can muster the courage to dance in public again. His BOF anthem, “My Everything,” was also not part of the program.

He told his fans — who consistently shrieked throughout the hour-long event — that he is a simple guy who is basically a homebody but also loves to spend his free time watching movies, taking long walks, exercising, and playing soccer. To the delight of the eonnis and ahjummas (sisters and older ladies), he told them that the first thing he does upon waking up is to feed his now famous miniature pinscher, Choco. But his “I don’t mind having a Filipina girlfriend” was what brought the house down. His first impre ssion of Pinays is that they are warm, pa ssionate, and shy.

With only a little over four days in Manila, he may not have time to confirm whether it’s really “More Fun in the Philippines” but Min Ho said he would love to go to some of the great vacation spots, particularly Boracay, on his next visit.

On the suggestion of his fans, he said he will try the Filipino adobo. True enough, he posted a photo on Facebook after the event showing him having adobo with a bottle of San Miguel beer for dinner.

Min Ho said his last two television series — City Hunter and Faith — had him portray dark, heavy characters, so he looks forward to taking on a lighter role (probably similar to Personal Taste, where he was mistaken for a gay architect) in his next project. Be it a movie or another TV series, he said he will try to scout for another good vehicle that offers a challenging role.

As it turned out, the Korean lessons did not go to waste during my awaited encounter with Min Ho on Sunday at the Mall of Asia.

More than 2,000 people gathered at the Music Hall to see the actor in person but I was one of the 45 lucky ladies to have the opportunity to meet him up close, shake his hand, and receive a poster with him autograph on it.

After briefly addre ssing the huge crowd, the Hallyu star proceeded with the “meet and greet.”

He has the softest pair of hands and I nearly melted on stage when he looked straight at me and said: “Nice to meet you” after I introduced myself as “Byeonhosa Cecille ssi.” A quick hug was impossible as his long-time bodyguard, Lee Kyu Hyeon, was standing right beside him.

With no signs of the Korean drama craze letting up, Min Ho will certainly not be the last K-drama star to visit Manila.

Now if only Bench could include Bae Yong Joon, Hyun Bin, or even Lee Seung Gi in its roster of star-endorsers.

Source: busniess world

[News] Style Stalker: Korean heartthrob Lee Min Ho reveals his simple and effortless style


After becoming known to Filipino audiences through shows like Boys Over Flowers and City Hunter, Lee Min Ho finally got to visit the Philippines as an endorser for a local clothing line. The model-actor admitted that he prefers to wear dark colored clothes that aren’t too loose or too tight on his slim frame. “Fit is very important. I like my clothes to fit well,” he shared.

The 24-year-old actor said he can be very adventurous when it comes to fashion. “I don’t have a particular style icon, but I do have a lot of interest in trying out different kinds of clothes and I do take an interest in what other people are wearing and when I like something I’ll try it on. During my campaign shoot, I noticed that there are lots of nice colorful skinny jeans which I thought was very stylish. I also like the oxford jacket. Generally, I like clothes that are kind of young and stylish looking,” he recalled.
When it comes to accessories, Min Ho prefers to wear only one at a time. “I like to keep it simple so my favorite accessory would be just a ring or a bracelet,” he shared.
Min Ho also stressed the importance of completing his look by having a good hairstyle as well. “When I’m not working, I try to look like I didn’t really try so it’s kind of like styling it to look like it wasn’t styled. But if I’m attending an event then I will put extra effort into it. But basically I think the most important thing is to be appropriate whatever the occasion is,” he said.
The star of the upcoming Korean series Fate, which is set to be aired on ABS-CBN early next year, also gave some grooming tips to his fans. “First of all, you really have to have a love for it, in doing your hair. I have always been particular with my hair. When I was younger when I would have to meet up with a friend and I didn’t like the way my hair looked… so there was a time when I even washed it up to three times and I still didn’t like it so I didn’t go out anymore. Now it’s very convenient because I have a hairstylist that takes care of all that (laughs),” he admitted.
Channel Min Ho’s hip preppy look with a pair of slim-fitted colored pants, long-sleeved polo shirt, vest, and a pair of tasseled loafers. Look clean-cut but not too uptight by personalizing the look with simple accessories. Layering is also encourage, but avoid oversized or ill-fitting clothing as the key to this look is looking like everything was tailor-fit for your frame.

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[News] Lee Min Ho meets his fans in the Philippines

Actor Lee Min Ho recently proved his high popularity in the Philippines.

On November 22, Lee’s agency reported, “Lee Min Ho arrived in Manila on November 15 and had a press interview. He held a large-scale event at the Araneta Coliseum the next day. This event was held to promote the global casual brand Bench, which Lee is working for as an advertising model.”

Thousands of fans came to the event to see Lee. There were also thousands of people who stayed outside of the event hall, not being able to enter the building. In addition, lots of people came to the place where his commercial shoot was done on November 17 and his autograph session, which was held on November 18. Because of the people, traffic around the place was held up for a while.

A Korean living in the Philippines says, “Lee Min Ho is the most popular celebrity from among all foreign celebrities who have visited this country. This is because Lee Min Ho’s drama series, including Boys Over Flower, Personal Taste, and City Hunter, have become very popular here. His latest drama series Faith will air in the Philippines next month, and I suppose he will become more popular.”

The news sources in the Philippines are covering Lee’s visit to the country under the headlines of “Manila has fallen in love with Lee Min Ho” and “The top celebrity from Korea has brought typhoon back to us.”

At the event, the host said, “Thanks to Lee Min Ho, I had the best day in my life. Lee Min Ho’s kindness and honesty have impressed many people in the Philippines. Because he’s popular all over the Philippines, people have nicknamed him Lee Min Hot.”

Having finished the drama series Faith in September, Lee visited Zhengzhou, China, before visiting the Philippines, and he will hold a large-scale fan meeting in Yokohama, Japan, next month.

Source: Xportsnews / 


Credit: korea.com

[Video] Lee Minho for BENCH Behind the Scenes in Korea








Lee Min Ho updates on SNS on Nov 22




[Photo & video] Lee Min Ho – Toyota Camry The One & Only Season2 BTS (batch2)


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[News] Lee Min Ho says, “I’ve never expected such popularity in China”

Actor Lee Min Ho candidly shared about his popularity in China.

In a recent photo session and interview with the magazine @star1Lee said, “I’ve never expected to receive such great love in China.”

Recently, the star has become popular with the TV series Boys Over Flowers and City Hunter in China, and he now becomes known as the best Hallyu star.

Lee said, “So far, only romantic and comedy Korean TV series attracted attention abroad because they could easily make a bond of sympathy with people from other countries. But I’m quite surprised that the action-based TV series, City Hunter, could gain such popularity in China.”

About his further activities abroad, he said, “I don’t have any biased conceptions about shooting Korean or other foreign works. If certain work has good quality and there is a character I want to play, I think it’s already attractive in its own way. If the work has a good quality, it doesn’t matter which country makes it.”

The December issue of @star1 was released on November 21 and the copies were immediately sold out on the next day on the internet bookstores.

A representative of the magazine said, “Only a small portion of hard copies are available on the newsstand of some subway stations in Seoul and GS25 convenient stores for now. We’re considering of printing out some more.”

Source: TV Report  / Credit: korea.com


[News] Philippine Daily Inquirer – Lee Min Ho–so up close

On his TV show “Boys Over Flowers,” which catapulted him to fame not only in South Korea but also in Asia, Lee Min Ho played the leader of bullies who lorded it over an exclusive high school.

He’s tall, good-looking, and spoiled rich—in one episode, to infuriate a “commoner” who was traveling on a tugboat, he used a cruise ship to try to overturn it with massive waves.

There’s a catch: this bully, this guy feared by all, has permed bangs.

They were nothing like Michael Jackson’s curls, which by the way, he must have had naturally. They were more like a poodle’s pouf, deliberately fashioned on Lee Min Ho’s forehead.

That he made such a character believably vicious, when he could have been ridiculed for looking like a toy dog speaks something of his acting chops. That he made female fans derive masochistic delight from his tyrannical antics speaks volumes about his charm.

In the end, the beastly character softened, and Lee Min Ho, the actor, became a certified Asian star.

In person, he is a striking presence: about 6-ft tall and very lean, he looks like he stepped straight out of the runway (although he did come straight from the runways of Naia). Wearing a black rolled-up cardigan over a white shirt and slim-fit dark denims, all from Bench, he showed no signs of fatigue after his four-hour flight from Seoul, when he was formally introduced as the brand’s newest endorser for its apparel and Fix hair care products at a press conference at Shangri-La Makati.


Sidelined from soccer—his first love—due to an injury, the 25-year-old Lee Min Ho first thought of becoming an actor when he was 19 and had the chance to audition for bit roles on TV.

“A year later, when I was deciding on a career path, I realized it was for me,” he said, through a Korean translator.

At 21, he was chosen to play Gu Jun Pyo, the lead male star in “Boys Over Flowers.” It aired in 19 countries, including the Philippines. He has since starred in three more TV shows: “Personal Taste,” “City Hunter,” and “Faith.”

His popularity is such that his endorsement deals extend beyond Korea, to China, Thailand, Vietnam, and even the US. Bench is his first project in the Philippines.

 According to Bench, getting a Korean endorser, its latest after Dong Hae and Si Won of boy band Super Junior, is a way of acknowledging steady Filipino-Korean relations. For Lee Min Ho, it is a huge honor.

“Bench is playing a huge role in bridging Filipino and Korean culture,” he said. “I am also representing Korea as its ambassador so I feel I need to give back this honor by doing a good job.”

Korean pop culture is at its peak, especially with the global hit “Gangnam Style,” a song by Korean pop artist Psy. Before that—for years—Korean shows have been and continue to be TV staple. “Our dramas and songs must have a universal factor—things that we, as human beings, can relate to: love, romance, and family,” Lee Min Ho explained their popularity.

“As for Bench and myself, I think our connection is that we have a broad and global appeal—I feel I have that kind of appeal,” he explained laughing, almost self-deprecatingly.

“I would like to say thank you to all the fans who made it to the Bench event. Adobo ^^ Masarab!” he posted on Twitter, where he has close to a million followers, with his photo grinning happily with a serving of the Pinoy dish.

Notwithstanding the awkward English and misspelled Tagalog, his Filipino fans were appreciative: they retweeted the photo more than 7,000 times.

Trending topic

During his stay here, his name, in different hashtag variations, was part of Twitter’s trending topics in the Philippines for three days.

“I communicate with my fans on Twitter and Facebook,” Lee Min Ho said. “They message and mention me a lot—and unfortunately, I haven’t been able to reply to all. But because I’ve heard from Filipino fans, I feel pretty close to the Philippines and to them. That’s what I like about social media.

“Filipinos are warm and friendly—they are known worldwide for that,” he added. “I’ve heard a lot about the vacation spots here so I hope the fans would tell me more about them.”

He said that hearing from fans from other countries gives him confidence as an actor. “The job of an actor is not a stable one, it could have a very short life span,” he said. “But the fact I have their support helps me focus on what I need to do.”

He may be an active social media user, but he still treasures his privacy, especially if he could get away with being anonymous. He admitted that when he has spare time, he goes to the movies, choosing screening schedules that do not invite a crowd. “I’ve mastered which theater to go to and at what time. I usually bump into five or six people who recognize me—that is the ideal number.”

In terms of clothing, he prefers to call as little attention to himself, favoring “simple” and well-fitted clothes in dark hues (see sidebar interview), but which in fact, only sharply highlight his dapper physique as they did during interviews in the hotel.

He’s very conceptual when describing his sense of style, opting to respond with abstract qualities than with specific objects. On the most important fashion tip he has ever received, he said it was “finding your own style.”

On what type of clothing he prefers on women, he said: “It doesn’t matter what she’s wearing. It comes down to how she projects herself. Confidence is very sexy and attractive.”

As for his hair, which helped him become famous, it is now cropped short, with fringes casually resting over his eyebrows. “I’ve always been particular about it,” he explained, recounting a story about how he canceled a date with his friend because even after three washes, he couldn’t get the styling right.

“And now, it’s very convenient because I have a hair stylist who takes care of that,” he said with a grin.

Source: lifestyle.inquirer.net


[Video] 121125 Lee Min Ho on Inkigayo



Congratulatory message translation:

(Chi translation credit to百度李敏镐吧)


(based on chi translation, translated by meow)

Hi everyone! I am Lee Min Ho. This year, the number of overseas tourists visiting Korea have exceeded 10 million. Through this platform, I sincerely thank all of you. Please continue to support Korean drama, movie & K-pop. And to gain your continuous support, I will also work hard to be a better actor. Thank you.

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[Photo] Lee Min Ho – more pics on @Star1 magazine

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[Video] New Season 2 – The One and Only w/ Lee Min Ho Toyota Behind The Scenes #1