[Pics] Lee Min Ho – Incheon Airport heading to Manila in Nov 15th

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[Pics] Lee Min Ho arrived in Manila, The Phillippines in Nov 15th

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[News 1] Korean superstar Lee Min Ho arrives in Manila

Korean superstar Lee Min Ho upon arrival at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport Terminal 1 for a four-day visit in the Philippines. Photo by Raoul Esperas for ABS-CBNnews.com

MANILA, Philippines – Korean superstar Lee Min Ho arrived in Manila on Thursday afternoon.

Lee Min Ho landed at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport Terminal 1 past noon today for a commitment with local clothing line Bench.

Dubbed a “GlobalBenchSetter,” Lee Min Ho is set to meet his Filipino fans on November 16 in a “Fun Meet” organized by Bench at the Smart Araneta Coliseum.

Lee Min Ho, who will be staying in the country for four days, was tapped to become a Bench endorser after rising to fame for his role as Gu Jun Pyo in the hit Korean series “Boys Over Flowers.” The show was first aired in the Philippines by ABS-CBN in 2009.

This was followed by the local airing of another Lee Min Ho-starrer, “Perfect Match,” in 2010, and “City Hunter” in early 2012.

Lee Min Ho’s latest Korean series “Faith” is also set to air on ABS-CBN.

Aside from Lee Min Ho, two other Korean stars Si Won and Dong Hae, of the group Super Junior, also visited the country. The two are also among the roster of Bench’s international endorsers.

Other foreign endorsers of the local clothing line are Filipina-Mexican-American singer Jessica Sanchez, Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine, Hollywood actor Liam Hemsworth, Disney-grown singer Joe Jonas, and American TV stars Lucy Hale and Michael Trevino.

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[News 2] Lee Min Ho arrives in Manila

lee min ho
Photo credit: Raoul Esperas

A smiling Lee Min Ho, the Korean superstar of the hit TV series “Boys Over Flowers” arrived in Manila this afternoon, presumably to promote his latest show called “Faith” which will air over ABS-CBN.

Fans can watch his interview which will air over “The Buzz” this Sunday (according to the ABS-CBN news website). Something major is also lined up for him by Bench where is an endorser. A fans’ day is slated on Saturday, November 16 at the Smart Araneta Coliseum.

The 25-year old Lee was popularly known as Jun Pyo in Boys Over Flowers. In 2011, he made the action drama City Hunter which was followed by Faith in 2012. As a testament to popularity, he has lots of endorsements to his name, including top brands LG, Lotte, Samsung, Cartier, Etude House, Cadillac & Toyota Camry in the US

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[Video] by ABS-CBNNews – Lee Min Ho welcomed by Pinoy fans

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[Pics] Lee Min Ho for Bench Press Conference Nov 15th

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Exclusive intreview with Toni Gonzaga

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Lee Min Ho with Ben Chan

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[Video] Lee Min Ho for Innisfree Green Christmas Love & Thanks Event promotion video



[News] Lee Min Ho finds Filipino fans warm, friendly

“Boys Over Flowers” star Lee Min Ho during his press conference at the Makati Shangri-La Hotel on Thursday.

MANILA, Philippines – Being in touch with his fans worldwide is something Korean superstar Lee Min Ho truly treasures.

Lee, who was tapped by local clothing line Bench to be one of itsinternational endorsers, said his supporters are the ones who keep him grounded and at the same time make him want to strive more in what he does.

“The fact that I have fans around the world gives me confidence because my job as an actor can be a very unstable one. It can have a very short life span. But the fact that I have support from my fans helps me concentrate on my job and I feel very good about it,” he said.

Lee, who became an actor at the age of 19, said he is grateful that he could be in touch with his fans across the world with the help of various social networking sites.

Because of Twitter, Lee said, that he feels close to his Filipino fans even before coming to the country for the first time.

“Filipinos are so warm and friendly and they are known worldwide with that. I feel like if I have to come [to the Philippines] and visit, it will always be like vacation, a relaxing experience,” he said.

Lee, meawhile, shared what he thinks about the worldwide popularity of the phenomenal dance hit “Gangnam Style” and the Korean culture in general.

“It makes me very proud as a Korean because this is the first time that something so big has been a hit worldwide. It feels like this is something that helps out all the other Korean celebrities and Psy is doing that right now,” he said.

Personally, Lee said he was into the the song “Gangnam Style” early on and it’s something that he listened to quite a bit when it first came out.

Part of Bench family

Meanwhile, Lee said he feels elated to finally be part of the Bench family. He said he is honored to endorse a brand which plays a role the international stage.

“It sounds like Bench is playing a huge role in bridging Korea and the Philippines. As an endorser of the brand, I feel like I have to do my best in whatever I have to do because as an endorser, I am also representing Korea,” he said.

Asked what he thinks is the best thing about endorsing Bench, the “Boys Over Flowers” star said: “The best thing about being a Bench endorser is I have so many huge billboards with my face on it.”

The actor-model also shared that he accepted Bench’s offer because he has personal confidence in the brand.

He said Bench’s style and image actually fits who he really is as a celebrity and as an actor.

“I think the connection that I have with Bench is our broad appeal and it’s global brand. I feel like I also have that kind of appeal, a broad one, a global one,” he said.

Fashion sense

As for his fashion style, Lee said he is the kind of guy who loves wearing dark-colored clothes. He said the fitting of the clothes is also equally important.

While he does not look up to anyone in particular when it comes to fashion, Lee said he takes interest in looking at what other people are wearing.

Apart from wearing nice clothes, another thing which Lee is very particular with is his hair.

“Normally if I’m not working, I like to look like I never really try – styling it to look like it wasn’t styled. But when I’m attending a function, if I’m going to be part of an event, then I’m going put an effort into it. But basically, I think the most important thing is to be appropriate whatever the ocassion is,” he said.

Lee arrived in Manila on Thursday afternoon for a four-day visit in the country.

Dubbed a “GlobalBenchSetter,” Lee is set to meet his Filipino fans on November 16 in a “Fun Meet” organized by Bench at the Smart Araneta Coliseum.

Aside from Lee, two other Korean stars Si Won and Dong Hae of the group Super Junior also visited the country. The two are also among the roster of Bench’s international endorsers.

Other foreign endorsers of the local clothing line are Filipino-Mexican-American singer Jessica Sanchez, Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine, Hollywood actor Liam Hemsworth, Disney-grown singer Joe Jonas, and American TV stars Lucy Hale and Michael Trevino.

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[Pics] More pics of Lee Min Ho in bench press conference (by Kathysbench)

For 200 plus more photos, Click HERE:

Lee Min Ho in Manila For BENCH Presscon




[Pics] Lee Min Ho for for Star1



[Video] Lee Min Ho for Bench press conference Nov 15th



[News] How to catch Lee Min Ho’s heart

‘MAARTE’ WITH HIS HAIR. If it’s a bad hair day, Lee Min Ho won’t go out. All photos by Jerald Uy

MANILA, Philippines – “I’m so sorry my flight was delayed,” Lee Min Ho said in Korean at the start of his press conference on November 15 at the Makati Shangri-La.

“But it’s not my fault,” he chuckled.

Lee Min Ho arrived past noon after a two-hour delay in his flight from South Korea.

The actor met the press ahead of a 3-day meet-and-greet with fans starting today, November 16. He is the latest foreign celebrity tapped by Bench to endorse its clothing line (the last was Adam Levine of Maroon 5).

With a multitude of Koreanovela fans stalking him during his brief Manila visit, how can a die-hard Lee Min Ho fan stand out?

Rappler took hints from what the actor said to fellow Korean and presscon emcee Sam Oh:

1) Show him why “it’s more fun in the Philippines”

Lee Min Ho said he is curious about the beautiful beaches and natural wonders of the Philippines that he has heard of.

“The best thing about having Filipino fans [is that] my visit here feels like a vacation. It’s warm here as opposed to the cold weather we have right now in Korea,” the actor said in Korean, translated to English by Sam Oh.

“I hope my fans will tell me [what] sights to see because I’ve heard there are a lot of vacation spots here.”

A banner with a cropped image of Lee Min Ho in El Nido may entice the actor to at least come back here.

Who knows? He might even ask you to be his tour guide.

2) Learn soccer ASAP

Well, it may be very unlikely to learn the sport within 3 days but you could certainly put all that support you showed the Azkals to use.

Lee Min Ho’s childhood dream — had he not become an actor — was to be a soccer player.

“When I have spare time, I play soccer with my friends,” Lee Min Ho said. “I also like watching movies.”

LIKE A VACATION. Lee Min Ho appreciates the warmth of the Philippines — literally
LIKE A VACATION. Lee Min Ho appreciates the warmth of the Philippines — literally

3) Show off your hairstyling skills

Believe it or not, he doesn’t think he is good with fixing his hair.

“Once, I was supposed to meet up with a friend but did not like my hairstyle. I even washed it 3 times so that it would look better when it dried,” the actor said.

The ending of the story: he decided not to go out with his friend anymore.

“He’s maarte with his hair,” Sam Oh said.

4) Exude confidence

Lee Min Ho said he finds confident women attractive.

“Sometimes, it could be a woman in a bikini; sometimes, it could be a woman in a simple dress,” he said. “It does not really matter what she is wearing.”

“It comes down to how to how she projects herself. Confidence is very sexy and attractive.”

KIMCHI CHRONICLES. Fellow Korean Sam Oh translated Lee Min Ho’s answers in Korean to English

5) Cosplay his characters

A good way to stand out is to cosplay or wear the get-ups of the characters he has portrayed:

  • The trench-coat-wearing vigilante in “City Hunter”
  • The time-travelling warrior in “Faith”
  • The architect pretending to be gay in “Perfect Match/Personal Preference”
  • The F4 leader in “Boys over Flowers”

Most of the characters he has played are “bad boys.”

“The last two dramas that I did, I played dark, heavy characters,” he said. “So I’d like my next role to show my lighter side; someone who is not uptight.”

6) Dance Psy’s “Gangnam Style”

Lee Min Ho said he would be lying if he told people he did not learn to dance Korean rapper Psy’s “Gangnam Style.”

When asked for a sample of his dancing skills, he said, “I’d rather dance it in the official event.”

IN THE FAMILY. Lee Min Ho with Suyen’s (from left) Bryan Lim, Mr and Mrs Virgilio Lim and Miguel Pastor

By “official event,” he meant:

  • November 16: The Benchsetter Fun Meet at the Smart Araneta Coliseum
  • November 18: The autograph-signing at SM North EDSA Skydome at 3 pm
  • Glorietta Activity Center at 5 pm
  • SM Mall of Asia Music Hall at 6 pm




[News] 11 things to love about Lee Min Ho, Bench’s newest endorser 

Get intimate with the Korean actor who just flew into town to promote his latest endorsement of the Philippine fashion brand. View snapshots from his press conference yesterday, November 15.

by Kat Dy

My first introduction to Lee Min Ho was with his hit show, Boys Over Flowers, the immensely popular Korean adaptation of the Japanese dramaHana Yori Dango. My friend L, a Korean culture vulture way before the Korean craze took off, and Nic, a recent convert, started bugging me to watch it. Little did I know that it would become “detrimental” to my health and work life. I began viewing it nonstop, foregoing hours of precious sleep just to witness Min Ho’s character, Goo Jyun Pyo, the rich, spoiled, and ultra-stylish leading actor/brat of the show, slowly but surely win over Geum Jan Di, his most-hated rival that eventually becomes the love of his life.

I confess I was in a constant state of kilig back then. And even when the show was finally over, I satisfied my LMH obsession by watching YouTube videos of his numerous commercials, the favorites being his Cass Beercommercial with Sandara Park, and his Dunkin Donuts coffee commercial that I could probably watch on repeat for an hour.

Is it any wonder that I jumped (or maybe shrieked is the apt word) at the chance to meet the Korean superceleb in person? LMH is the newest Global Benchsetter to join the Bench family of mega endorsers, and I was lucky to have been able to see him up close and in person at thepress conference held yesterday, November 15, at the Makati Shangri-La Hotel. Dressed in a navy cardigan with gray trim, dark jeans and white sneakers, hair stylishly mussed just so, LMH looks every bit as delicious in the flesh as on screen. And every time he flashed his dimpled smile, the female population in the room must have collectively swooned.

While LMH doesn’t speak English, that hasn’t stopped his fan base from growing. As of last check, his Facebook page has 6,426,754 “Likes,” while his Twitter account has 902,492 followers. Even with the plethora of forums and fan sites dedicated to the actor, it’s hard to get information about his private life, since a lot of what’s written is in Korean. But at the press con, Lee Min Ho revealed the different facets of his personality: Actor, Celebrity, Style Star, and Regular Guy. Here are eleven things you probably don’t know about LMH, straight from the actor himself. Be prepared to fall in love with him all over again when you browse through our gallery below.

Press conference photos by Cons Reyes

1. He’s polite.

 Before answering the first interview question thrown at him by host/interpreter Sam Oh, he took the opportunity to apologize for having kept the press waiting for him for a reason not his fault (his plane was delayed for two hours).
2. His fans give him confidence.
He acknowledged that his job as an actor is not a stable one, so knowing he has millions of fans all over the world gives him the push to concentrate on his job.
3. He used to listen a lot to “Gangnam Style” when it first came out.
He’s proud of Psy and the song’s worldwide recognition and hit status, and believes that the spotlight can also help fellow Korean celebrities. Much to my dismay, though, he refused to show his Gangnam moves, in deference to the official event ongoing (maybe if the crowd heckles him enough at his Meet and Greets, he’ll oblige!).
4. He knows his fashion.
He favors dark-colored clothing, and is a stickler for proper fit. He will, however, experiment, as he likes to try on different styles (he specifically mentioned Bench’s colorful skinny jeans that he spotted at the campaign shoot as particular favorites). He doesn’t take a lot of time to shop, keeping shopping time short and sweet at an hour and a half max.
5. He’s always obsessed with his hair.
…making him the perfect poster boy for Bench Fix salons. He revealed an anecdote wherein he ended up not meeting up with his friend because he didn’t like how his hair looked even after washing it three times! It’s a good thing he now has a hairstylist to look after his mane.
6. He loves playing soccer during his spare time.
 In fact, his childhood dream was to become a soccer player.
7. If you really want to see LMH, stake out a movie theater.
The actor loves to watch movies, and he’s mastered the art of sneaking into the cinema at locations and times when there’s hardly anybody around.
8. He’s got a charming “little boy” sense of humor.
When asked what kind of shirt he’d design for Bench, he described a shirt striped with all the colors of the rainbow “…with a bench on it…because the brand is Bench,” he said mischievously, causing the crowd to laugh.
Lee Min Ho poses with Bench executives for a photo opportunity.
9. He wants you to tell him the best vacation spots in the Philippines.
The weather is currently cold back in South Korea, so this trip feels like a vacation to him. He’s excited to learn more about traveling around the Philippines. Tweet him your suggestions at @ActorLeeMinHo, hashtag#wheretogointhephilippines.
10. He feels close to his Filipino fans.
…because he always hears from them on his Facebook and Twitter pages, as well as reads their messages on his fan sites. Ladies and bakladies, he knows you’re out there!
11. He’s disarmingly honest and simple.
According to the actor, the best thing about being a Bench endorser is getting a huge billboard with his name on it!
Lee Min Ho shakes hands with Bench executives.

Source: kristn.com



[News] Lee Min Ho is called “God of Chemistry”: “I try to get friendly with my partner actress”

Actor Lee Min Ho candidly talked about his feelings when acting with an older actress.

In a recent interview with the celebrity magazine @Star1, Lee said, “I try not to let age difference cause awkward feelings when I’m around older actresses.”

For his appearance in Faith (2012), Personal Taste (2010), and Boys Over Flowers (2009) with Kim Hee Sun, Son Ye Jin, and Ku Hye Sun, Lee has attracted much attention because he was always younger than the lead actress. But at the same time, his ability to engage in a good bonding relationship with older actress gave him a nickname Chemi-Shin. The term is to describe someone who is good at bonding with others and it is a compound for chemistry and shin which means “God” in Korean.

Lee said, “I didn’t know what Chemi-Shin meant in the first place. Well, I try to work in a friendly manner with my partner actress. Though she may be older than I am, I call her by her character name in the series and play around her. Before we begin working together, I try to have a serious conversation about acting.”

You can learn more about the candid interview with Lee Min Ho in December issue of @Star1 at www.atstar1.com.

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