[Pics] Lee Min Ho depart ZhengZhou & arrive in Korea Nov 8th


in ZhengZhou airport


Now in Incheon Airport

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Lee Min Ho updates on SNS on Nov 11th



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[News] Lee Min Ho of Boys over Flowers is the richest character

Who is the richest man in a TV series?

The November 11 episode of MBC’s Section TV Entertainment Newsreleased rankings of rich characters on different TV series.

Won Bin of Autumn in My Heart ranked fifth. He played the role of a rich man, who owns a resort in Gangwon-do. He has drawn a lot of attention with his line, “How much do you want?”

Hyun Bin of Secret Garden ranked fourth. He played the role of a CEO of a department store, with a worth of around 500 billion won.

Cha In Pyo of Love in Your Arms ranked third. He played the role of a future president of the biggest department store in the series.

Song Seung Hun of My Princess ranked second. He played the role of an official for The Ministry of Foreign Affairs. He has over 2 trillion won in the series.

Lee Min Ho of Boys over Flowers ranked first. He played the role of a future president of a big company, which was worth around a quadrillion won.

Source: TV Report / Credit: korea.com



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(English) New Season 2 — The One and Only w/ Lee Min Ho Toyota Camry Ep 4




[Video – Pics] Lee Min Ho – Toyota Camry The One & Only Season2 BTS









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