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“Ku Hye Sun Director Movie “Peach Tree” Interview m.media.daum.net/entertain/enews/view?newsid=20121108162422535″


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“Seoul Arts Center, IBK Chamber Hall 10, at 11 am from the cultural benefits less opportunity for elementary school children free classical concert Culture Sunshine Concert ” 4th Open Concert pianist sonyeoleum Mr. Mozart, Chopin’s piano onstage to play the song. Has also recently made ​​his movie ‘Peach Tree’ Goo Mr. actor, film director and singer who is active in telling the story about the time. Call (02) 580-1300”




[interview] Director Ku HyeSun’s Peach Tree:” I made the movie feeling closer to death.”

“I am so grateful that Peach Tree was able to come out to the world.”

The movie Peach Tree is very special to Direcotr Ku Hye Sun(28). It took nearly 1.5 years for it to come out. It is her second feature film and first commercial film.

Ku Hye Sun opens up about her feelings regarding Peach Tree: “Maybe that is why I feel kind of strange. It is a happy event yet it is also becoming just as complicated.”

I met Ku Hye Sun at a cafe in SamChung-dong. The weather suddenly turned cold and Ku Hye Sun greeted me warmly while blowing steam into her two hands. “Hello. So cold. Isn’t it?” She appears so thin/fragile. However, so unlike her appearance, she related her personal views squarely and imposingly.

“Death can visit anytime…people around me start to become precious.”

So, the movie Peach Tree was a healing herbal medicine for Director Ku.

Director Ku created Peach Tree script in 2009. Unfortunately, that same year, the Rep. of Morning Production Company Jung SeungHye passed away. Additionally, several other people around her also left this world.(Wow, I forgot that she also experienced traumatic death of her fellow actor from BOF–one of the trio ladies–!!) Ku Hye Sun says: “Death no longer felt far away. I realized how precious is the time that we are alive.”

“I felt so saddened by people passing. I felt that the ‘rascally death’ can visit just about any time and realized that the time that I am living is precious. Then, I started to look more closely for the people around me.”

Director Ku did look at the duality of personlity while creating Siamese twins SangHyun and DongHyun, but she actually and mainly thought of family.

“I felt that family is like SangHyun (the older brother played by Jo SeungWoo). They exist very close to me. Yet, they are so familiar that often we forget how precious they are. Sometimes they are so annoying that I don’t want them. However, it is a relationship that absolutely cannot be severed. They are also the reason for our living.”

“Just because the themes are unfamiliar and heavy, there is no law stating that it cannot be a movie for the mass.”

Ku Hye Sun’s works summarized: 2 novels Tango and Peach Tree; her songs Brown Hair and Turning the Alley…

Reporter points out that, in reality, people show more interest in Ku Hye Sun the director than her products/creations. She also still recieves much prejudice/bias that she does not experiece as much hardship in making her products because she is an actress turned director.

“I know that my name creeps up ??from sleep?? (perhaps there is a meaning behind that ideom??) Pros and cons exist because I was originally an actress. Such prejudice/bias can be an example under CON. Anybody can blame her unique situation for feeling picked on and victimized. I can think that way too.”

Peach Tree is her first commercial film. However, there are opinions that the movie’s theme is too heavy and lacks popular appeal. To that, Director Ku clearly expresses her opinion: “I believe that people can amply understand and empathized with the themes of the movie.” (If the Peach Tree novel is an indication of the Peach Tree the movie, I definitely agree with Ku Hye Sun. Even the DC fan’s junior high school son got it! After I read Peach Tree the novel, I realized that her theme is actually simple yet profoundly universal. It actually made me think of Harry Potter stories. Underneath all that dark magic and violence and action, profound and simple truth flows through them all—I remember crying so hard while reading Harry Porter series. sorry for distraction.)

When sushi and pizza were new and unfamiliar types of food, it is not that we just did not eat them, it is that we did not have the chance to eat them. I think it is the same with the movies. I think that we need to give the audience various types of side dishes. Of course, it is up to the audience to decide what type of side dish they would eat.”

“When I meet with friends, we talk about dating…no thoughts about marriage yet..”

Sanghyun and DongHyun of Peach Tree have a fateful relationship. DongHyun lived his life thinking that his older brother SangHyun ruined his chance in life. Donghyun wanted to die but also could not die because of his brother. He hated and loved his brother that much.

I wanted to instill in the audience the huge theme of ‘love’. This love grants me the meaning of being a special being. That is why this love is even more precious to her. She even shed some light to her past.

“A friend/acquainance’s mother fell into vegetative state. But this friend never said I love you to the mother. While the mother is unconscious, my friend told her everyday ‘I love you’. So, this friend told me to express as much as possible my love to my parents while they are alive. As I listen to my friend… (laughter). I want the audience to feel the love that is hard to verbalize.”

To lighten the heavy mood, I asked Ku Hye Sun about her personal life. She turns 28 this calendar year. She has come face to face with the marriageable age that we Korean society often talks about. She says she does not have any immediate wish to marry at this time. Besides, even her own family discourages her from getting married.

“Since my mother knows that I love working, she does not push me. I also do not concern myself with age. When I meet the person I love, I will most likely marry.”

” But, when she gets together with friends, they gossip abut dating and relationship. Reporter says that when Ku Hye Sun talks like this, she seems no different than any other female in 20′s. Ku Hye Sun: “I meet with (Suh) HyunJin once a month. I really enjoy meeting friends/people one to one. When I see friends, we talk about ‘date-meetings’, dating stories and all kinds of gossips. (laughter).

Currently, Ku Hye Sun is examining her next project/step. Whether it will be a drama or a movie, she is not certain. Reporter asks her if she is worried that she always plays the similar type of  “candy-like” characters who work hard and develop. Ku Hye Sun responds with: “Absolutely not”. 

“I only get scripts about positive roles. You know. Like Geum Jandi who constantly progresses/develops. But, I never get stressed about that. I know that I will not always act with such feeling (??I am not quite sure what she means by this?? Ku Hye Sun is still mysterious at times.). So, I receive them with relaxed mindset. I promise to show up to the audience even better.”

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[Pics – Video]  Ku Hye Sun Peach Tree novel autograph event -Times Square Nov 8th

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[News] Ku Hye Sun’s Peach Tree was invited to BIFFF

Actress cum director Ku Hye Sun’s second featured film “Peach Tree” was invited to the 31st Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival (BIFFF) in Belgium to be held in early 2013.

BIFFF is considered one of the major fantastic film festival, along with the Sitges Film Festival in Spain and the Fantasporto Film Festival in Portugal. 31st BIFFF will be held from 2 to 13 April 2103 at PALAIS DES BEAUX ARATS in Belgium.

Source: bntNews / Translated by meow



Goo Hye Sun to screen her film ‘Peach Tree’ at the ‘Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival’

Actress Goo Hye Sun will be revealing her second full-length feature film ‘Peach Tree‘ next April at the 31st ‘Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival‘ (commonly known as BIFFF).

Along with Spain’s ‘Sitges International Fantastic Film Festival‘, and Portugal’s ‘Fantasporto‘,  the BIFFF is regarded as one of the three International Fantastic Film Festivals and it is held every four years.

The film will be screened from April 2nd to the 13th at Palais des Beaux Arts in Brussels, Belgium.

Her film ‘Peach Tree’ stars Jo Seung WooRyu Duk Hwan, and Nam Sang Mi and is about conjoined twins with opposite personalities that grew up in a dark house for thirty years without ever leaving the home.

Goo Hye Sun has displayed her success in the film industry by receiving the Audience Award at the ‘Busan Asian Short Film Festival‘ and the Topics Award at the ‘Japan Shorts Shorts International Short Film Festival‘ for her short film ‘The Madonna. She also gained international recognition when she received a nomination for the 23rd ‘Tokyo International Film Festival Asian Film Awards‘ for her film ‘Magic‘.

Goo Hye Sun is not only the director for ‘Peach Tree’, but also was also in charge of the screen play and music, making this film as an excellent showcase on just how brightly she can shine.

Source: allkpop


[Interview] Ku Hye Sun interview with SportsSeoul (Summary – Translation)

  1. Ku HyeSun could not get any investors with Peach Tree script and people strongly discouraged her from making it into a movie. She was even more driven because of such discouragement. But then, Jo SeungWoo agreed to do the movie. After that, she could not give up on Peach Tree at all.

        1. Because Jo SeungWoo was cast for Peach Tree, there was rumor that Ku HyeSun and Jo SeungWoo were dating. Ku HyeSun was very sorry on location with Jo SeungWoo because of such rumor. But Jo SeungWoo was very cool and Ku HyeSun was very grateful about it.

      1. Ku HyeSun says that rumor with Jo SeungWoo did not bother her that much because there was another bigger scandal with her and Suh TaeJi while he was going through divorce proceeding with Lee JiAh. She felt so bad to them when had enough trouble of their own and she had to get stuck in the middle of it all.
    1. While the Suh TaeJi scandal occurred, Ku HyeSun says that she was in Taiwan and saw that Suh TaeJi scandal ranked number 1 news in Korea. She says that, at that time, she was in relationshiop with someone.
    1. Her ideal is a very good and kind-hearted person who is nearly angelic. She just falls for such a person. He can be so kind and so innocent that others may look at him as a fool. She never dated by hiding. Just that it never got publicized. (laughter) She was continually dating and nobody took notice and even interested. They only made out absurd scandals.
    1. Ku Hye Sun says that she used to be a perfectionist but not that much anymore. She works hard at having positive mindset. If there is stress, she tries to think of it as just this moment and that having so many great life mentors around helps her to think less of stress in her life. She also think about the important things in life. She also says that she bites her teeth down and never give up until it is done. She says it is like reading a novel. One cannot say one read a book by just looking at the front page. She bites down and complete the work.
    1. On location, she says she does not demand much. She tells them I am following you so do what you need to do. Actors at first was uncomfortable with such loose direction but week later they would come even better prepared. She gives belief and faith to the actors whom she consider professionals.
    1. She loves her cat Siam. Funny thing is that Siam thinks she is a dog. She has 7 other dogs. She wonders if she has to get consultation for her cat. (actually I don’t know if Siam is girl or boy. Korean language is vague in that way.)
    1. She says she is not sure what she will do next. She says that proposals for acting work are not as many as she thought. But she is examing them.

Source: SportsSeoul


more summary translations from other interviews

Ku HyeSun says that the last time she dated was about a little more than one year ago. The last 12 months was spent alone so it has been a long time. She has positive thoughts about dating out in the public. She envies her friend Nam SangMi and Lee SangYoon who are dating publicly. She believes that public dating is fine if the both parties agree. She says she has never dated secretly. It is just that it was never publicized. She would go out to eat with her dates and nothing was on the news. 

She says that she is not in the early 20′s and why should she date secretly! Most people would look at me and say that I most likely do not have “aegyo=being cutesy and adorable like a sweet little girl”, but I really have a lot of it. Also, people think that I would be ??”grazing” (maybe eating up??keke) a boyfriend, but I do the normal amount of constraining and normal amount of showing him aegyo. I never show aegyo to other men, just to my boyfriend. If you really know me, am actually a very feminine woman. (laughter)

Recently she reported that her ideal mate would look like Lee MinHo and have the personality like Choi Daniel. She acted with many men including Lee MinHo and Choi Daniel and that is how she came up with her ideal. She says that, so far, all the men whom she dated have different styles but one clear and common thing is that they all had the face of “youth/teen/boy”, She says they all seemed to be similar in that way.

The latter part of the article talks about how grateful she is to Jo SeungWoo, Ryu DukHwan and Nam SangMi and how focused and professional they are that it was so easy for her to work with them. She says that even though she is very close to Nam SangMi, she still addressed her formally on location so that she does not make others feel uncomfortable. It was still awkward for both of them to treat each other formally but it became fine.


Source: Newsen


In this article the reporter says that Ku HyeSun has been without boyfriend for 2 years. Ku HyeSun says that when she says she will marry in 30′s, she meant that she could marry at 30 or even at 39. She also says that now is the time to “manage the fish tank”, meaning that she has to date lots of men.

Since I have nobody now, I must date lots of men. (laughter) Now that I have no boyfriend, I contact lots of men these days. I am very free and easy. I show that I do not have a boyfriend. Even when I meet friends, I tell them that I don’t have a boyfriend so that they know.”

She also told this reporter that she want to relax and may not do acting at all for the rest of the year and spend a nice Christmas well. She may spend it with Shu HyunJin. She says she did not sign any contract for acting at all.

More on her ideal type: she says it is kind of vague, but she really likes a” good guy”. In front of kindness and goodness, I just crumble. Kind of person who can make decisions that is beyond my standard/level. He is good with people but has his own stubborn streaks. A person who is very clear about his beliefs and principles.She hates people who ??꼬 투리잡다?? (I don’t know what that mean.) When I look at Sean and (Jung) HyeYoung unnie, I get this idea. I want to be in a relationship where we are each other’s angels. that kind of feeling. I want to meet someone like that and marry.

Source: SportsSeoul /  

ALL summary translation by cheerkoo @ soompi



My two cents: by Meow

Confused? Yes, I am confused as most of you (if not all) too. But they are from different interviews by different reporters. We don’t know how the reporters asked the questions or how they interpreted her answers, which might affect how they wrote the article.

To be frank, I don’t think celebrities could be that transparent in answering questions about dates & relationship (even the public ones). So I’d rather try to learn more about HyeSun’s attitude and thoughts about love relationship instead of to verify the facts about when she had a date through these interviews.

I think she would let us know the truth when it is the right time. Wish her all the best and hope she’d tie the knot with her Mr. Right soon.





[Pics] Ku Hye Sun in SAC Culture Concert at Nov 10th

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“Hair is growing at a rapid pace ^^”






[Pics] Ku Hye Sun in MBC radio Music Camp Nov 11

Photos updated on website today (Nov11) but the program was aired on Nov 9 (it’s a pre-recorded program)

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