(writer’s opinion) She just talks about her works with calmness and seriousness. She is a young woman who freely chose to do her very best. That is all.

Recently, I had my second art exhibition. Then, the song that I wrote 2 years ago, ‘Marry Me’, came out. My fifth work as a director will soon open. It is my first commercial film called Peach Tree.”

I rarely spend time outside the house.  I really enjoying staying inside my house where I paint, compose and write.  However, the most important thing is that I deligently work until its completion. When I finish one thing, it motivates me to start something new.  

Ku also said that, unlike her previous movies, she focused more on the drama and the emotions of the movie in Peach Tree. She says she experimented more with techniques and her imaginations a great detail with her previous movies. She feels that the audience can related to it better.

In 2009, she thought of the idea for Peach Tree. In 2010, she wrote the scenario for it. In 2011, she filmed her scenario. Then , in late 2012, she will open her movie. (She took 4 years to make the movie from start to finish!! Woah! Puts me to shame! keke What did I do in 4 years??) Because the movie finished long time ago, all the staff and the actors as well as all my friends and supporters already saw the movie that I really don’t have to have the VIP Premier. All of them judged it positively that I have slightly greater anticipation for this movie.” (maybe that is why lots of stars did not appear in this VIP Premier??)

I am an actor too. All of us at times have a thirst for something different. After having seen and acted in so many similar love stories and another similar crime stories, there could be a thirst for something different. From that perspective, I often envy Tim Burton and Johnny Depp. Director Tim Burton constantly changes Johnny Depp into uniquely different characters with different themes. I also want to be the kind of director who can continually change someone like Johnny Depp.

Ku directly wrote and composed 8 out of 10 Peach Tree’s OST songs.

Many people feel that I should focus on one thing and do it well. Well, I feel that to do one thing well, I need to do many things. Right now, I am in the process of mixing many things for the future when they will all be fused well together.

Translation by Cheerko – Soompi