Ku Hye Sun @ Book signing events schedule




10/25  in Daegu, Kyobo Books at (Thu) 2:00pm

11/03  in Gwanghwamun, Kyobo Books a(Sat) 2:00pm

11/08 in Yeongdeungpo, Kyobo Books at  (Thu) 7:00pm 


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Ku Hye Sun on Yoo In Na’s Raise The Volume Oct 19








Yu asked what whe does when has time off–she spends lots of time with her dogs. She has 7 dogs and a cat now. Even her manager has few pets with food names.

Then, she talked about her many dreams starting with dream about being a singer. (we know this history already). She loves all kinds of music but since she started to make movies and she is more interested in background music, her type of music has become calmer. (computer is typing way  too slow again…will be back)

Y—Marry Me—how did you happen to write this song?<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = “urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office” />

G—I made it when I really and desperately wanted to marry.

Y—Really? When was that?

G—Actually I wrote the song a while back. About 2 years ago, I really wanted to marry. So I had lots of thoughts and imaginations then.

Y—How about now. Are you far from those thoughts?

G—I am now very far from those thoughts.

Y—Most common sentiment that I hear among other female actors is that they would have desperate feeling of wanting to be married at one time and then the thought just quickly vanishes away as well.

G—I am trying hard not to let go of the string now, (??strange expression..right??) but..

Y—then are you lonely these days?

G-I think I have become very cool (not mind?) the feelings of loneliness. I feel I am doing well now.

Y-I think that if you marry, you will be really good at taking good care of your house and cokking, etc/

G—I really don’t think so,

Y—Right..one cannot be good at everything. You have to be bad at something. Right?! Perhaps you are not good at cooking?

G—I don’t think I am that good in it.

Y—but you still cook.

G—yes. I can make it at least edible.

Y—I cook so that no one can eat it. (they laugh a lot…I could hear some shaking in GHS’s voice..she is very nervous in this program and mayb that is why Yoo is talking a lot.)

(they are going to listen to Marry Me)


Translation by Cheerkoo



Ku Hye Sun interview on “Peach Tree” novel



 Ku Hye Sun in Jang Ki Ha’s Great Radio Oct 22