This time, the preview starts with the appearance of Nam SangMi riding on a red train inside an amusement park. Sitting on the bench and looking as if she is about to read a book to a child is a scene that creates further curiosity about the story about to unfold.

Yet, the fairy tale image soon changes into a dark house with a phrase: We lived tightly hidden from the world. The younger twin Ryu DukHwan’s loud voice turns the older twin Jo SeungWoo deeply depressed. They may be always together but, because of that, their hidden story may be even more difficult and sadder.

This preview has created an explosive reaction due to many people retweeting the link, including the “social-tainer” and author Lee WehSoo through Naver medium.

THE PEACH TREE preview ends with the beautiful scene of the twin brothers on top of the peach tree up on the hill. They may be the most unique pair in the world but they have different personalities. We look forward to the charming ensemble acting by JSW and RDH and by NSM who becomes the twins’ first step into the world.

Due to the preview, there is greater expectation of the movie which will open on October 31.

Source:TopStarNews  /  Translation: cheerkoo – soompi