Female—Whenever I see this actress, I wonder how she is able to do so many things and be multi-talented like this. I really envy her.

Male—She is really amazing. She is an actress who is pretty outside and inside. GHS has turned into an artist. Let us go and find out more.

Female mc—The multi-talented GHS has now become an artist. For this art exhibition, she has a special purpose.

GHS—I decided to have this exhibition in order to make a sterile medical automobile for the patients with leukemia. In the past, I never availed my paintings for sale. But this time, I am putting them for sale. I really hope that you all can help a lot.

Female mc—she became interested in patients with leukemia about a year ago when she met a child patient with the disease.

GHS—A year ago, I met Sudkuh from Mongol. He was a little boy with leukemia. But, at that time, I was not able to give as much help as I wanted. For over a year, I was filled with feelings of guilt. I really wanted to do something for him and for others with leukemia.  I wanted to do something that is not just donating money. I wanted to do something with more meaning combining with the work that I do. That is how I made even more art projects.

Female mc—There are mentors who helped her to do this work under the title of SHARE.

GHS—I learned a lot by watching Sean and Jung HyeYoung couple who are also part of the same agency. It is not that I was able to directly give a hand to their work, but, by watching their actions, I could not help but to follow their lead.

Female—there are about 120 art pieces at the exhibition. HS-ssi, if you are only focused on your art, when do you have time to date?

GHS—I do wish I could date. My parents look at how I live and wonder if I will ever marry.  (laughter)  They do worry for me.  (pause) But it is not just because of that. It is not because of work that I cannot date. I do think that we can all make the time. Just as we have time to eat and go to bathroom, we also have time for work and to date. But, for me, I am not dating because I have not met the appropriate person yet.

Female—Dating is in the back burner for her. But, these days, she has fallen in love with…

GHS—farming. I want to farm. Recently, I saw the grapes and watermelon that my father planted. They are harvested and we would eat them. We would also grow lettuce to eat rice with them. And I really like it. I have thoughts about wanting to learn to farm.

Female mc—she started out as an actress and made debut as a director. She also paints and writes. To her who does so many things, there are also so many people who look at her negatively.

GHS—It is hard to study just one thing. But to study many different things, I know that many people look on negatively. But, I believe that in order to do one thing really well, one must learn and do many different things too.

Female mc—The welcoming changes deriving from doing art work..

GHS—I feel like I have more space/calmness/breathing room of the heart and mind. Also, I see myself become more positive and proactive. I also think much more good thoughts.

Female mc—Drawings that she made with the positive mindset…We hope that her happy virus is transmitted to all the patients with leukemia.

GHS—Dear OBS viewers, I really need lots of your help. Please give lots of your support and please have a joyful day. Please be happy.