Reporter: Jang EunJae

GHS will have her exhibition from September 18th~24th at a museum in Seoul, SuhCho-dong. Last time, she had her exhibition after she published her novel Tango. This time, she is showcasing 120 of her art works which show greater development and deepth. Exhibition visitors will be able to see yet another side of GHS different from her image. Mysterious they may be, GHS’s art works do not hide her thought and opinions about herself as an artist.  


“Afterimage (jan-sang) leads me to Imagine (sang-sang). Then, it becomes a vision (hwan-sang). And then I can create something beyond (yi-sang).”


▲ 구혜선 (사진=아트블루 제공)



▲ 나의 방 2012 종이에 혼합재료 53x65cm

“My Room”


▲ 향기 2009 캔버스에 유채 116x91cm

“Fragrance/Scent/Aroma 2009” Oil on Canvas

image▲ 어느 마녀의 저주 2009 캔버스에 유채, 락카 116x91cm
“Certain Witch’s Curse 2009” Oil on Canvas, Laquor

CR: meow / Translation by Cheerko