GHS—I have not tried to calculate what I need to do or not do to get or change my image and I don’t do that now. (me–That is so true about her!!)<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = “urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office” />

mc—It seems like you have this personality that, no matter what you do, tries with gladness and  your best.

GHS—I do try hard to think that way. Of course, there are moments when I have not done that. Unintentionally, I may experience a bad situation like everybody, such as a moment of extreme stress which would be hard for me to accept/acknowledge. In such a situation, I did feel as if I will crumble into pieces if I do not break out of it. So, I sincerely feel that I need to constantly and continually monitor and control myself.

mc—Do you have your own personal method?

GHS—For me, I wrote and drew a great deal in those moments of great stress. And I composed a lot.

Me—You really have great escape methods. (GHS laughs)

GHS—I also realized that, when I look back at my record of those stressful moments, it was no big deal at all. I realize that those moments were only serious to me at that time and not to others.  For example, when I was little, my mother sent me to school every day for 365 days wearing the same one pair of jjol-pants. (preview of next segment)





GHS—receiving hand-me-down clothes was normal for me. But I never had the idea/concept that I must change or switch clothes daily. (me—I grew up like that too in Korea—only when I came to America, I was told that I have to wear different clothes every day.)   Of course, if it gets dirty, I..

mc—how many siblings do you have?

GHS—I have an older sister.

mc—So, you got hand-me-downs from your sister.

GHS—yes. I never thought too much about those things. One day, at school, friends started to tease me, calling me jjol-jjolee.  (mc laughs)

Ms—Was your nickname jjol-jjolee too?

GHS—At one time, that was my nickname because I only wore jjol-pants.

mc—oh no, to a precious daughter…

GHS—My mother has her own standard of dressing and looking presentable. She of course tried to make me look pretty. One day, the pants got a hole.  So, my mother just sewed it up and I went to school wearing the patched-up jjol pants. When the school friends saw that, they started to make fun of me, I suddenly felt ashamed at that moment.  But, that feeling did not last that long either. My personality is that if other people are laughing, I laugh along too.

mc—You mean they are making fun of you/teasing you, and yet you laugh with them?

GHS—yes. Another time, I wore a certain brand-name clothes to school.  But, the friends started to laugh again. The brand name clothes had an additional, unnecessary bar drawn on it.  (mc laughs realizing what brand GHS is talking about.) But, I did not really know why the kids were laughing so I just laughed with them again.  After that, I would even wear those same clothes with more confidence.

mc— continued to wear the clothes.

GHS—yes, because they were laughing and having fun. In a way, I had positive attitude about certain things.  Also, I had this attitude that if I don’t know something, I don’t know/ it did not bother me.  When time passed, what was so interesting is that nobody remembered that I wore those pants.

mc—of course,,,people forget.

GHS—it was something that I only remembered. From such incidents, what I realized is that they were just my thoughts—my own thoughts of stress.  But ultimately, they were nothing.  It may have felt like something awful/catastrophic, but, in reality, it may not be.

mc—how is it possible that you were born so pretty and how is it possible that you were born with a mind that is so down to earth and easy?

GHS—when I started to think that way, I really did feel comfortable.

 mc—of course.

GHS—so, I do feel comfortable and relaxed these days. As it always has been, I still think of clothes as   something to change if they get dirty, something that keeps me warm …

mc—so, it has nothing to do with beauty but of function.

GHS—yes. I am more inclined in that way.

mc—So, if the clothes that you wore yesterday is not dirty, you would wear it again today.

GHS—(laughing) I have been always like that.  When I am making a movie on location, there is really no meaning to wearing  pretty clothes.  Of course, there are times when I need to be more presentable for the public. But, ordinarily, I usually wear the same clothes.

mc—Wow, that is really a surprise.

GHS—T-shirts is basically my uniform.

mc—Are you like that these days when you do not have any tv-time or appearing in front of camera?


mc—so, you just continually wear T-shirt and pants and so on as long as they are not dirty?

GHS—(laughing) yes.

mc—what is the longest that you wore same clothes?

GHS—I have never counted.  But, I also have many same clothes at home. For me, it is all about the functionality. What would be comfortable to do the directing work? What would be comfortable to do hammering work?

mc—So, even if you go outside, you go out in such comfortable clothes?


mc—I heard that you go to school by subway.

GHS—I would take the subway sometimes and also go with my manager sometimes.

mc—subways are the best when it comes to heavy traffic.

GHS—most definitely.

mc—You may be comfortable but don’t other people stare at you?

GHS—some do stare..but that also passes. But, actually, when I wear hats, people really do not see me.


GHS—yes. But, most importantly, everybody is really busy. Everybody is in a hurry to go somewhere.  Some people may have some special thoughts about me, but I am no different than anybody else. There are moments when people recognize me and feel glad about it.  And, I may fall into it as well with misunderstanding. For those instances, I feel that I need to get real very quickly.

mc—now that I think of it, your BOF role really resembles you in person.

GHS—I also felt that way. But, I also gradually became more like the character as well.  I changed a little by little every day. I also had periods when I felt small and periods when I felt superior.  What is certain is that I am just continuing to learn. I am learning through teachers, sunbaes, peers, friends, other actors, and from the public. I learn daily and I feel that I am still going to change in the future.

(on screen: To actress GHS, acting is:  “not something that I do well, but want to do well”; “rather than playing different drama roles, I want to become an actress who always develops/progresses little by little”.)

mc—PEACH TREE will be coming out as a book. (GHS says yes) You write and you also have art exhibitions. You compose songs/music and you also sing them. And you consider all these various activities as one.

GHS—to do one thing really well, I believe that one has to do many different things and continue to learn. It is not enough to just draw well. I feel that one must study something about the society/environment so that one can put that into the drawing. One must also read on. Learning just never stops. Of course, I am turning them into a business/commerce, but it all depends on the public’s choice…It could be turned away/ignored or it can be liked. But, I want to continue to do it.

mc—So, you do not think of what you do as some are hobbies and some are the main jobs…everything is part of all and all move forward equally.

GHS—yes. To me, there is no difference or distinction between main job and hobby. When people ask me such questions, I also answer with questions..such as what do you exactly mean by a hobby? What is a main job? I know it has to do with money, but I earn some and also lose some.

mc—when you say, you earn some and lose some, are you talking about your director work? As an actress, you are just earning. Right? You are not losing as an actress.

GHS—Yes, I earn as an actress, but I also need to spend it. It is not like I have a car…




GHS—It is not like I have huge living expenses.

mc—You don’t have a personal car?

GHS—I used to have one. But I would use it maybe twice a week. So, I felt that I really don’t need to have one like others who really need it daily. So I got rid of it. Then I do other things with it like production work. I don’t have any income from it yet. (laughing) Even with art exhibitions, I feel that I would like to return as much as I have received and share. I believe that I need to look far into the future.  Of course, it would be nice if it could come right now and right in front of my eyes (I think she is talking about money and profit??), but if I look far ahead, I tend to lean towards sharing it with others and moving forward with others.

mc—You will soon be opening an art exhibition with all your art workt hat you have been working on. (GHS says yes) I heard that you do not want to sell them but to safely keep them within your family.

GHs—Yes, I did once say that I would like to keep them in the family. But my thoughts keep changing. (laughter) I have drawings that I want to keep within my family. But I realized that I have so many art works –really too many. I actually have no place to keep them. I have limited space and the number of drawings is overflowing. So, I have been thinking about selling.  If my goal is clearly to make money, then selling should be obvious. But my goal is not that so I also rejected the idea. But, last year, I met a 5 yo child from Mongol named Sudkuh who suffered from leukemia. He completed his treatment in Korea. Through him, I learned about the need for special vehicles to transport leukemia patients—a vehicle that is sterile.  (mc understands)  But there isn’t sufficient number of these sterile vehicles in Korea. Also, it takes lots of money to make these vehicles. So, for the upcoming art exhibition, if I do sell any art works, I plan to donate the proceeds to the cause of making these special vehicles.

mc—I see. I hope that they can make lots of vehicles.

GHS—me too.

mc—don’t you have days when you just get burnt out?

GHS—Actually, I have vigorous energy every day and I also burn out every day. (laughter) I drop into sleep and then in the morning, I have new energy. That is my day.

mc—You seem to be living your life by perfectly exhausting the energy.

GHS—If there are days when I perfectly use my time and energy, I also have days when it is not like that…especially when I just feel too lethargic. Since I have experienced such lethargic days many times before, I also know that it will pass.

mc—You are aware that if you are totally exhausted and cannot be productive, you also know that you will be Ok after some rest.


mc—how do you personally define success?

GHS—This very moment. I feel that it is a success if I am living well. Today, I do not have difficulties. I feel it is wrong to think that success means to be ranked first or to make excessive amount of money.  Of course, everyone has his or her own definition of success. But, to me, my mother is a very successful person and my father is a very successful person within their own standards.

mc—what type of wish do you have?

GHS—(laughs) Wish? (I did not get her word but, on screen, “GHS recently has a newly thought out wish”.)  My father plants seeds wherever he sees dirt. But, amazingly, grapes grow and even a watermelon is about this size now. Even from one vine of grape, so many bunches of grapes are hanging down. So recently, my wish is that I would like to farm. I know it may sound ?unusual?

mc—Wow, today, I am getting surprised too much. GHS’s wish is to farm. (both laugh)

GHS—I was eating grapes with my manager yesterday. I also gave three bunches of grapes to my friend and I plan to give some to the make-up artist tomorrow. There is no feeling like it! I may make movies  but I have never felt such happiness. Just to see people really enjoying the food…there is no greater happiness.

mc—what are we going to do! Now you are going to farm for yourself too.  (laughter) That kind of farming is different. Do you want to have a daughter like you or son like you?

GHs—a son like me.

mc—son? Why?

GHS—I cannot carry heavy thing too well.  (mc cracks up)

mc—but you can have your husband do that.

GHS—But, as a child to my father…..Of course, I still do things like changing the light bulb or hammering. But, in the past, my father used to easily twist open things. But he has difficulties with it now. When I see that, I often wish that I could twist it open for him at once and easily.

mc—for the father, like a son..


mc—and, what kind of husband?

GHS—husband…husband….a husband who has a heart and mind of an ocean.

mc—one who holds and embraces warmly ..


mc—I can just picture it. (GHS laughs) I really had a good time talking with you. You live in a unique way and it also makes me want to live my life with more interest and happiness. I hope that all the things that you do become abundantly fruitful so that we can also see them happily. Thank you very much. ~~end~~


Translation by Cheerko – Soompi

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