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Lee Min Ho, currently starring in “Faith,” is giving the audience a spectacular show with “art action.”

Broadcasted on August 28, the 6th episode of “Faith” brought great action to the viewers. Choi Young (played by Lee Min Ho), uses his own body to skillfully bring down Gi Chul’s soldiers earning much praise.

He knocks down his enemy with a swift roundhouse and slams hard with his bare fists. His ability to beat an enemy with his bare hands embraces masculinity and is quickly being coined as “art action.”

He will have another chance to show his hard work practicing stunts on the next episode as well. Airing on September 3, the 7th episode will have Choi Young fight Gi Chul to get him and Eun Soo (played by Kim Hee Sun) out of danger. Many are anticipating what kind of action will be shown.

The action director of “Faith” commented, “Even though there are risks and good chances of injury, Lee Min Ho passionately learns and displays great action foregoing a stunt double.”

“Faith” is broadcasted every Monday and Tuesday from 9:55pm (KST)



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Lee Min Ho, audience applausing for his action ‘Faith’ [KDRAMA]

Lee Min Ho’s ‘Art Action’ has been gathering a lot of attention in SBS Mon-Tue drama ‘Faith.’


▲ Photo=Lee Min Ho, Faith Culture Industry Specialty Company

On the last  episode, Choi Young attacked Ki Cheol’s army not only with his bare hands, but also with his sword.

▲ Photo=Lee Min Ho, Faith Culture Industry Specialty Company

Especially, he knocks down the enemy with his turning kick and his hands. With every single movement, he was able to oppress the enemy. The audience applauded for his ‘art action.

Next Monday in the 7th episode, Lee Min Ho will show more actions to save Choi Young and Eun Su from the trap.

▲ Photo=Lee Min Ho, Faith Culture Industry Specialty Company

The martial art director of ‘Faith’ said, “Lee Min Ho is a hard working actor who tries hard to do a great action performance although it’s dangerous time to time. However he’s doing a great job with all the actions.”

Meanwhile, the next episode will be aired next Monday.

Source: topstarnews