Lee Min Ho and Yoona kids out the door brand premium French ( www.eider.co.kr ) of the F / W season pictorial unveiled a child in a variety of natural-feeling mix and match ‘Natural hybrid Natural Hybrid this fall – winter season, leading to the outdoor market the main keywords to be expected.

▲ Photo = Yoona, child

Yeon – Hee product planning manager kids more “than ever before in a variety of areas such as leisure, travel, and everyday use the product out the door in addition to mountain climbing and recent emphasis on the material and design aspects of the natural tendency to” kids more this season and affordable in a variety of trendy design, is expected to present the child with a more luxurious and distinctive colors, get a good response to a consumers, “he said.

▲ Photo Lee Min Ho, the child

Out the door this season is to mix and match style of intense images that represent the functionality and design elements have been combined smooth and Like look at the child’s new FW season and mix multiple threads woven melange or suede like the natural feel of the material, such as soft tricot stands out. Some experts Extreme Style product line or as vivid colors such as red, yellow color in the mainstream series such as halftone Calm deolton (DULL TONE, taksaek) is scheduled to be released. Here can give a strong impression while silver print colorful patterns EMBO Outdoor style has been expressed Chubby and textural warmth, or a luxurious two-tone effect, otherwise put, the design point emphasized.

▲ Photos Lee Min Ho – Yoona, kids, more

Unlike last year, heralded the start of the release out the door down jackets slim down this year unveiled a massive thick heavy down jacket, the point is noticeable. Functional heavy down jacket kids Windstopper material and Goose Down fillings, high-powered warmth cited as the flagship product, and the cost is expected to showcase a variety of competitive products in terms of quality and design.

▲ Photos Lee Min Ho – Yoona, kids, more

And use ultra-light low-denier material, such as reducing the weight down to get rid of the kids slim down jacket lightweight and strengthen the shape of the curve of the line, captain changes, such as used in a variety of differentiated put In addition, plans to launch a variety of products, slim ladies padding, natural style leather boots wool boots, high warmth.

▲ Photos Lee Min Ho – Yoona, kids, more

Family Look the child more to satisfy the needs of a wide range of consumer, leisure products, casual line of products including style, enjoying the outdoors gradually increasing population has expanded. Family customers enjoy winter sports such as snowboarding waterproof jacket, pants, gloves, adult, and children’s products will be released to be used to acquire other family look. Collaboration showcase attracted a large popular style in the first half of casual outdoor 이민호 line of jackets, T-shirts, pants, etc. to increase the number of women expanded line-up will showcase products, as well as men at this time.

▲ Photos Lee Min Ho – Yoona, kids, more

Recently launched as new out the door en masse, more intense competition in the second half out the door market is expected. Child out in everyday life by expanding the focus to strengthen the legitimacy of the brand as a robust and professional-out door activities trekking, casual strategy would differentiate brands and eoruk emphasized that late. Warmth, lightweight, durable and highly functional with kids more products based on the progressive-out door styles will be featured. Professional athlete to foster the development of sport climbing and kids more kids climbing team outlining support. Child Ilkley Immingham team players and future players and provide a variety of benefits such as monthly grants and climbing clothing, contest participation allowance to reflect the opinion of climbing in product development, is expected to use more.

▲ Photos Lee Min Ho – Yoona, kids, more

Kids Chung, Yong Jae marketing team director of the “brand image, especially a young child more stylish out door continued strong growth of 30-40 obtained a good response to consumer showed this trend, the goal of this year of 210 billion won even mediocre expect to achieve. “and emphasized the unique functional characteristics of the product out the door,” a child in the second half of the publicity and the kids more will be deployed as outdoor brands such as climbing team players support the legitimacy of the activities that strengthen focus ” said.


Source: topstarnews