Choi Yeong (Lee Min-ho) who tried letting go of his own life came back to life

thanks to Yoo Eun-soo (Kim Hee-seon) on the SBS drama “Faith” on the 27th.

Choi Yeong who was unconscious from blood poisoning met his father in his

dreams and confessed he couldn’t forget the woman who hung herself after

being taunted by King Chunghae. He thought of the times he spent with her

and refused to wake up.


Eun-sii tried everything she knew but still couldn’t revive him back and she was

anxious and frustrated. Jang Bin (Lee Philip) said he didn’t look like he had the

will to live.


Yoo Eun-soo told Choi Yeong, “I can tell you lived a bad life in this bad world

but this isn’t right. Everyone lives” but his heart stopped.


Eun-soo hurriedly tried doing CPR but it didn’t beat again. Although Jang Bin

tried to stop her she said, “You can not leave me here and die from my

stabbing. You told me to stay next to you and that you’ll protect me” and didn’t

stop CPR.


Maybe her pleads were heard. When her tear fell on his cheek the ice that froze

him broke off and he came around to again.