There’s nothing Lee Min Ho can’t do; he’s even good at soccer.

On August 8, Lee Min Ho’s agency revealed a Youtube video of him playing soccer with his friends through the actor’s official Facebook page. He didn’t only kick the ball, but show off jaw-dropping dribbles, quick ball trapping techniques, powerful mid-range shoots and non-stop volley kicks

Lee Min Ho is actually well known for his skills in soccer. He used to play soccer as a child, and even made it into the soccer class headed by the legendary soccer player Cha Bum Kun. He excelled with his physique and talent, but wasn’t able to make it far as a soccer player after he suffered an injury fatal to his soccer-playing abilities in fifth grade.

A rep from the actor’s agency said about the video, “The mid-air heading shots he shows off using his tall height [of 187cm] are so powerful they make the opposition so frightened in real games. The one in charge of putting together the costumes for his drama was once surprised at the firm thighs he had hidden under his slim figure.”

Lee Min Ho will be showing off more of his physique in his first ever period piece, SBS’ Faith, which will air its first episode on August 13.

Photo credit: Starhaus Entertainment