Ku Hye-Sun opens a solo exhibition at the Art Center.

Ku Hye-Sun July 31, his Twitter “September 17-24, Seoul Arts Center, (Hangaram Art Museum-Gallery seven) in the ‘ Koo Hye Sun solo exhibition ‘,” said the news of the exhibition. This is followed by the “120 pieces and exhibited plans eight days is going to stay there,” she added.

With the individual works in the show in advance. In the meantime, Koo Hye Sun, in addition to the work of this line was kind of sketchy look installation art. Stood out quite a large works.

Netizen say: “Arts Center on ..” “Should also know that dexterity Koo Hye Sun” and “performer”, “what the hell does indeed comprehensive art directors artists?” responded to, and so on.

(Photo = news Yen DB, Koo Hye Sun Twitter)

[Reporter: News Yen Hyung ]