Kim Hee-Sun has recently been ‘ Faith’ in the amount of single-shots in the direction of the month in progress for Captain Choi Young (Lee Min-Ho) to learn how to ride a horse scene column was exodus. Kim Hee-Sun at the end of the 160cm is much more than get your ass to be taken to and from the immigration trail with the passion to push ahead.


In addition, Kim Hee-Sun last may as the first start shooting and Masan, South Jeolla province, for three months, given the jangheung set Danyang and to stir up dirt trail to the floor and making out barefoot, horse riding through the digest directly up to God as dangerous.


In this sense, the “innate Jong Hak Kim coach and has up to the creativity, a separate direction without looking at going to digest the person played a surprise surprise. After you finish this work to be a big star as an actor, “he said.


On the other hand, ‘ Faith’ is taken into account considering the modern era kidnapped doctor and the timeless love, contractors are safe and green Romantic fantasy come August 13, at 9: 55 pm and is broadcast on the first.


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SOURCE: Nate News



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