Active actors, directors, painters and other fields ‘Plus Beauty’ with good benefits, will be published in September his second novel, “peach trees” 

 The novel “peach trees” directed and acted with good benefits movies “peach trees” the same name will be published in September 17, the relevant responsible person said ‘novel and film of the same name, and movie content, re-adaptation, KHS is busy with work at the end of work’, ‘novel will be different from story content of movies, show different characteristics’, ‘if possible, the novel will be included paintings by KHS creative person’ in 2009, the first novel of the KHS “Tango” in love with 40 pieces paintings performance received much praise.

The other hand, the movie peach tree, KHS second part of the feature film, tells the story of conjoined twin brothers, starred Caocheng, Nam Sang Mi, Liu Dehuan.

Films have the invitation by the ‘The 16th Pusan ​​International Film Festival’ at the time of playback. It is reported that the film will be released this year.