– GHS´ movie ‘Peach Tree’ released as early as the end of August 
– Yu ji tae, Joong, Kim Young Ho’s film operations of cruise

GHS actors (from left), followed yujitae, Joong as the second half of this year’s film actress and meet the audience after another. (Photo edaily DB)


[Miningmx.com gogyudae in star news] Director of the actors turn in the second round began. Following guhyeseone yujitae, Joong Ho and subsequently, the movie presents its own. 

 ‘Director’ guhyeseonui movie “Peach Tree” will be released as early as late August. 

 ‘Actors’ agency, YG Entertainment guhyeseonui “‘peach trees’ distributor and schedule to discuss the investment,” said “are officially invited to the Pusan ​​International Film Festival last year, including box-office expectations for higher interest high,” he said. 

 GHS The drama ‘Boys Over Flowers’ beloved of hotties in the ‘actor’ has announced the names. His other job ‘supervision’ is Introduced in 2010 feature film ‘Magic’ in the second half of this year ‘peach trees’ are presented. Jo Seung Woo, Namsangmi aspects of such a cast is splendid. The film, named after her in guhyeseonpilreumyiraneun filmmakers was created in the 2000s before most aspiring actress guhyeseone yujitaeda director. 

He first feature film later this year, ‘Boy, San Siberian dream’ (tentative title) will be showcased. “San Siberian ‘as the world turned a lonely lonely love story of two men drawn human drama melodrama. BaeSuBin, soyujin take starring finished shooting in late May. Yujitae already written, directed, produced, starred her first short film to the ‘invitation’ to the short-shorts are invited to the International Short Film Festival has exposed an extraordinary sense of direction. 

Joong Gyeonggi Province in the past few months, while the mountain shut herself up in a scenario of a pension finished work. 

Lotte Entertainment Spotlight move from start to attract investment was captured. Joong pouring threw the post Twitter activity fold was sold only in film work. Joong to take a trip in early July for a cool head and is Liaison to the current cast. actor’s director transformation in the Hollywood film industry is common. ‘Iron Man’ series, directed by John Fabro, “Unforgiven” Clint Eastwood’s are a case in point. In Japan, as a successful comedy actor and director Takeshi Kitano with its rank can be set in. 

Representatives of local independent film actor, yangikjuneun directorial debut “Breathless” is invited to numerous international film festivals emerged as a highly successful coach was transformed. “Having the experience, but not short naseonda a big challenge as the new director” in the second half of the words of the Joong movies featuring special reason also their determination.


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