[NEWS]  First Pictures from Lee Min Ho and Kim Hee Sun’s ‘Faith’ Shooting

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The first batch of pictures from the first day of shooting from Lee Min Ho and Kim Hee Sun’s upcoming drama Faith have been released.  The scenes from the pictures were shot on May 24 in Seoul’s Bongeun Temple.  

The scene was a dramatic one in which the Goryeo Dynasty warrior Choi Young (Lee Min Ho) enters a time and space portal to modern-day Korea and before the portal closes brings back Eun Soo (Kim Hee Sun).  Though it was the first day of shooting for the cast and crew, the chemistry on set was said to be wonderful and the passion of the actors was said to be overflowing.    

Regarding the shooting, Lee Min Ho shared, “Though it was our first day of shooting, I’m very glad the shooting went well thanks to Kim Jong Hak director, the producers and staff’s careful preparations and understanding. The acting with Kim Hee Sun senior went very well. I hope I will really bring to life the wonderful character of Choi Young the writers have created.”  Kim Hee Sun shared similar sentiments saying, “I was really nervous as it’s my first drama shooting in a long time, but as soon as filming began it was comfortable and felt like I was shooting for the drama just a few days ago and I had returned.

I think this is all due to the hard work of the production and our team work and I’m very grateful.”  Faith is a fusion sageuk about the romantic relationship between a warrior from the Koryo Dynasty and a female doctor in present day. Kim Hee Sun takes the role of the female doctor and Lee Min Ho will play the role of the king’s body guard. The drama will air on August 13.  

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 [NEWS] Kim Hee Sun and Lee Min Ho start shooting a fantasy romance

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Lee Min Ho and Kim Hee Sun recently started shooting SBS’s fantasy romance series Faith.  On May 25, new Monday-Tuesday series Faith (written by Song Ji Na and directed by Kim Jong Hak) released several pictures, which were taken on the set while shooting the series.  

On May 24, Lee, who plays the role of a warrior named Choi Young from Goryeo dynasty, shot a scene, in which he brings Kim, who plays the role of Eun Soo, to Goryeo.

Since the scene is the first scene of the series, which will cover the whole plot, the entire crew devoted themselves to their work.  Producer Kim Jong Hak worked with passion and talked with Lee and Kim to make the scene perfect. The two actors also worked hard in great harmony, even though they shot the scene together for the first time. Their emotional performance made people eagerly anticipate the series.

 Lee said, “Even though today is the first day of shooting, thanks to staff members, I could enjoy shooting with other actors. I liked performing with Kim as well. I want to do a wonderful job portraying Choi Young in the series.”  Kim said, “I thought I’ll be nervous because I’m shooting the series for the first time in a long time.

But when I actually started shooting, I was comfortable enough that I felt like I have been shooting the series. I want to thank the production crew for it.”  The first episode of the series will air on August 13.

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[NEWS] Lee Min-ho, Kim Hee-sun’s photo from historical drama’s 1st shooting unveiled  



 Lee Min-ho and Kim Hee-sun’s next TV series has officially kicked off its shooting to get ready to air this summer.

 Snap shots taken at the first shooting of “Faith” (translated title) were revealed by the broadcaster through a press release on Friday, showing the crew including the couple filming at a temple located in Seoul on May 24.  

Though Kim’s outfit is not shown in the pictures, Lee is seen donned in an armor to play Choi Young, a general of the royal guards from the Koryo Dynasty.  Lee said in the statement, “I was really happy about our first shoot. And I feel that Kim and I have a good chemistry and I hope to do my best in pulling off the character.”  “It’s been a while to star in a TV drama so I thought it’d be nervous. But it just feels so comfortable like I was here yesterday and I this is all due to the crew’s amazing teamwork,” Kim was quoted as saying.  

The show is slated to hit the airwaves on August 13 after the upcoming series “Ghost,” starring So Ji-sub and Lee Yeon-hee, ends its run.  Lee shot to stardom with KBS’ “Boys Over Flowers” in 2009, and has been one of the most popular Korean actors in Asia.

He has since starred in other hits such as MBC’s “Personal Taste” in 2010 and SBS’ action series “City Hunter,” the following year.  Kim debuted in as a model in a TV commercial in 1993 and starred in almost 20 TV series and eight films during the past 20 years of her career.

She has also worked with Jackie Chan as the female lead in a Hong Kong movie, “The Myth” in 2005.  

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