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GHS: (Although the screen says GHS is playing “moonlight” on the piano—a composition for Peach Tree, I distinctively hear “Fly Again”, the OST of the PCAP…don’t you??)—We are going to start GHS’s part of Star Life Theatre right now.

Nar-Hallyu heat wave in Taiwan. Among them is an actress, GHS. Taiwan aches for her bright and genuine charm.  Her beauty secret is her unrestrained taste palate. 

GHS—Do you want to try some?

Nar—She is not only and actress but also a director who has since made 5 films total. She says that she still has lot more stories that she would like to share with the world. She is a 29 years old, bright youth. Let us delve into 3rdpart of her story.

Nar-One warm spring afternoon (front of Café Manolin)…Our pd has been invited to HS’s secret place. 

GHS-This is my work studio. I did clean up but doesn’t it still look messy? (laughter) I draw here and make music and work with the movie people here.  You (the pd for the SLT) are the first to come here. 

Pd-This is really the first time that you showed your work studio to the public?

GHS-yes. This is the first time.

Nar-This is the place where the actress, writer, artist, director, and composer HS makes her creations. It used to be a storage place then she turned it into her own cozy place. 

GHS-Water leaked in when it rained. Originally, it was not a livable place. But I designed the layout and our Art Director constructed it so that the space became usable. 

Nar—We saw a piano so we asked her to play for us. 

GHS—what should I do? I will play a piece that comes out in Peach Tree movie. (On the screen: Moonlight, an OST for Peach Tree composed by GHS)

Nar-Let us listen for a while. The music feels lyrical and subtly sad. GHS composed it about 2 years ago. It is inserted into her second feature length movie, Peach Tree.  This past 2009, she collaborated with the Master New Age musician/composer Isao Sasaki to produce a musical album. Her intention was not to reveal her musical world but to introduce her composed musical work to be used for her movie. That is how her first musical album was born.

Nar –Whenever a musical motif will come up in her mind, she would make compositions. 

GHS-What is the next chord? Even though I made it, I cannot remember it. 

Nar—For such moments, she has something always prepared. It is this recording instrument. This dawn, I made a composition, a tragic song.

Nar—the moment a melody comes up, she records it first. 

GHS—I would compose according to the feeling that day and record it that day since I cannot remember it. The next day when I hear it again, I would remember why or what made me compose that. 

Nar—since middle school, she has been composing and now she has over several hundred song and compositions. She produced an album by picking out few songs that she loved from her pile. 

GHS—many people do not seem to know that the album contains songs that I composed. They think that I made the album by picking out other people’s compositions and compiled them.  But I composed these songs when I felt very emotional/sensitive and compiled them into the album and that is why it is referred to as  “sopoomjip=?musical sketch book”.( Of course we know that the cd’s title is “Breathe”. ) More than half of them were composed when I was in middle school. I picked songs out of hundreds of musical pieces that seemed at the most tolerable to the ears. I picked the songs that were still in my head after 10 years. And so, I called the collection soPoomjip. 

Nar—HS continues to challenge her multiple, colorful talents without trying to focus on just one part. 

GHS—(reading what she wrote in her Magic conti-book) I tend to lose it a lot. If you find this book, please return it to directing/production dept. And on set location, I do this. (lots of lists that are crossed off) It is because I had to finish filming very fast.

 </SPAN>her conti book. (film scenes to be made cut by cut).</FONT></FONT></SPAN>

Nar-In 2009, she also wrote a novel and made a debut as an author. Her solid and clear literary style earned much praise. 

Jo SeungWoo (actor)—I happened to read Director GHS’s novel, Tango. The way she expressed and communicated her messages were so unique and distinctive that I read the whole thing in one sitting. It is truly a beautiful work. I did not get any sense that she is recklessly showing off at such a young age. 

GHS—everything that I am doing and working on had to be related to each other. They help each other. And I believe that I even have to study on purpose. That is why I believe that a person can accomplish much more than the abilities that they are born with and that they must do them. And I believe that if you study it, you can make it happen.

GHS—Is that you Gamja? Gamja-ya~

Nar—As soon as he heard HS’s voice, he came running. No, no. You cannot come in here. Gamja-ya! Get out! (Wow, did you see that? As soon as HS says he cannot come in and to get out, he went right away into the other side of the gate!! OMG! So well trained!! Amazing dog!!)  How can you come in here without any fear? 

Nar—When HS is in the work studio, Gamja is with HS like needle and thread. But there is an area that Gamja is prohibited from entering.

PD—Gamja cannot come in?

GHS-If Gamja comes in, there is chaos. Everything becomes destroyed

(At the Han River Public Park)

Nar—That big rascal must feel so cooped up if he only stays inside that work studio. So, we all took a walk. 

A boy—It is a dog!

GHS—You can touch him.

Nar—Gamja loves people and is receptive to them.

GHS—He loves kids. He wants to play with them.

Nar-maybe it is because he grew up receiving all of HS’s love that he also loves children that he hardly knows what to do. 

A man’s voice-Hey kids, do you know what that noona is?

Kids—I don’t know.

GHS—What do I do!! But of course, little kids do not know me.

Nar—HS has been taking pix with Gamja and showing them through SNS. She even cast him in her short film.  (On screen:  3D short film, Fragments of Memory.. Gamja cast) 

GHS—Gamja, let’s take pix. Gamja really loves taking photograph. He even knows when he is being photographed. He even make poses.  Gamja, wait here. Be still. Just don’t lie down. (well…that time, he did not listen.)  Gamja, over here. 

Nar-he really pays attention as he is being photographed. 

GHS is cracking up.

PD—what is the matter?

GHS—Gamja is flying. He is flying the sky.

Nar—This is the best photo of the day. Gamja who is flying the sky. GHS is also taking some scenic photos, when…Gamja just ran off.


Nar—Gamja loves playing with ball. He spotted people throwing balls and ran towards them to participate.  (He took their ball! Keke) He took their ball and returns to HS’s side. 

GHS—Now you have to give it back. 

Nar—whatever HS says, it is OK by him. He gives up the ball quietly. 

GHS—Recently, Gamja appeared in the 3D short film. But I think I need to reconsider whether I will make him into an actor or not. I feel as if I have to ask for his opinion.  (laughter) I was with him all day long. He was so happy being in that space. He was able to go ourside among lots of people and really loved it. But, it was really hard on Gamja. He had to tolerate what is tolerable for humans and I had a really hard time with it. (is GHS to be or not to be a show-business mom??)

Nar—Few days later at her talent agency, we met her again. Today, she came to do some work on marketing for her new movie. 

GHS—It is not something that I regularly do. 

Marketing—Please continue to buy for us in the future. 


Nar—they are discussing marketing/promotional ideas for the new movie. 









GHS—(talking with marketing staff)  If the face is like that, it will appear way too big. We would need to adjust the size and position.

Nar—Representing the movie, she is going over her ideas and suggestions for promotion starting from its poster. Since it is her movie, she appears devoted from beginning to end. 

PD—Does she give you many ideas?

Yoon SoJin (brand strategy team)—yes. Our company works to positively reflect the artists themselves.  We cooperate and strategize so that it will hopefully become a daebok .

Nar—Just as she has put in so much with her team to make the movie, she hopes that many people will watch it.

Nar-after the meeting, the place that she went is..

GHS—ahh! You are here.

Hwang SsaBoo–What a surprise at this hour! Are you too busy? You got to work out.

Nar—This place is the training gym for the YG entertainers. So many YG entertainers have shaped up and strengthened here. 

GHS—When was the last time that I was here? Was it when I was 20? (laughter)

Hwang SsaBoo (YG trainer)—When you contacted me before, I checked. You have not been here for 520 days. 

Hwang SssBoo—I worked out frequently through boxing with HS. Unlike her appearance, her boxing style is not at all feminine but very macho. At that time, the Big Bang members were trainees. Getting punched by Big Bang all together was not as bad as being hit by her alone.  Even so, if women do not exercise, they become more man-like.

GHS-What? Become man-like?

Hwang—Of course, and you will get a belly too. (GHS is cracking me up again…how many packages of junk food does she carry?? Kekeke. An as soon as she heard Hwang, she closes up the bag that she has been eating. Keke I think she was eating raw Shin ramyun—that is a spicy one..keke )

Hwang—If stomach comes out, it means that you need exercise. So, you must exercise. 

Nar—since she has very little motivation to adorn her outer appearance, she has been truthfully negligent of her health. On top of that, she does not gain that much even with lots of eating. Even so, she is having a hard time easily agreeing to exercise. 

Hwang—So, when are you going to start the exercise?

GHS—I will think about it. I have to decide on that now?

Hwang—so, when are you going to start?

GHS—If I say it, I have to keep promise.

Hwang—That is right. I know how responsible you are so.

GHS—That is why I cannot say it. Ahh,,I have to come to the office frequently in July~August for meetings .  (hmmm, I wonder what is she doing then???)

Hwang—OK, We have decided that you will start in July. (GHS does not look that happy…keke)

GHS-Yes, I will come in July.

Hwang—Ah, thank you. I am so very happy that you are here today so that I can get this promise from her. 

GHS—Ahhgh!  (laughter all around)

Nar—HS, please do not burden Mr Hwang the trainer and do your exercise consistently! (GHS walks away like a pouting kid..keke)

Hwang—Go safely! Don’t forget!! Smile, Smile!!

Nar—Few days later, after finishing up school, she is on her way to a far-away location, Gwangwondo.  Her destination is Gam Sung Village, home of Lee WehSoo. 

Jun YoungJa (Lee WehSoo’s wife)—Woah, HS! Woah! It has been a long time.

Lee—She brought gift. My wife loves gifts. Let me shake your hand. 

Wife—I am so glad to see you.

Nar—On a regular basis, Lee Weh Soo has been watching over GHS’s various activities. He never hesitates from warmly giving advices and counseling to her. It gives her so much strengths to be supported by a big figure like him.

PD—what are you going to do today?

GHS—I am going to show him a movie. After that, we will chat as usual.

Lee WehSoo(author)—We call her Goo SunYuh (GooAngel). Whenever she comes over, our house turns upside down.  Just so like an angel, whenever she appears in GamSung Village, we see a shining light. I made some modern-style wing-clothes. About 10 of them. I will show them to you. 

Lee-ahh, You have to film this. This is the painting that GHS drew. 

PD-This is the painting that you drew?

GHS—yes, I came here and drew it here. On various locations around his house, he has my drawings. 

Nar—They became close through SNS. Then she went to see him at his house and even presented him her painting as a gift. 

Nar—She is visiting him today to show her movie as he always kindly gives his thoughts for her. 

GHS—Wow, look at this. It is not a printing.

LeeWehSoo—I painted it over directly.

Nar—These two people have in common their love for art and writing. That is why they are very interested in each other’s works.

GHS—I really like this one. This one is really pretty. The color flew/spread out so nicely.

Lee-I want to give it to you. Wow, it looks good on you.

Nar—at one word from HS, he obliges.

GHS—How can I just wear this. I need to escort and protect it. 

Nar–She feels guilty that she always feels like she is receiving. 

GHS-He is an author and artist. To him, I could appear irritating and inadequate. But, he acknowledges me wholly. He does not ask me, ‘are you OK?’. You see, there are times when I just want to hear, ‘It is OK’. I am also trying to be that kind of person too. And, he is that kind of person to me.  He gives me that sense and feeling that it is OK. 

GHS—Teacher, I also made this. (showing him the Goo Hye Sun Film logo)

Lee—Wow! You are something! It looks cool! You made it so well. 

Nar—Not too long ago, Teacher Lee WehSoo presented her with a gift of personally hand-made stamp.  Using that stamp image, she turned it into her film company’s logo. He places the picture next to her other drawings.

Lee WS-this is GooSunYuh’s corner.  Our house’s Goo SunYuh corner.

Nar—When she goes to his house, she would often draw. He then would keep  her works  and made a Goo SunYuh corner for them.  We can feel the affection that Teacher has for HS. Now should we show him the movie? All the prep work for the movie premier has been completed.


Lee WS—to watch our GooSunYuh’s work, we set up this new special system in our house. 

Nar—HS uses her own money to make movies. That is why sometimes it can be hard. But she hopes that many people would watch and emotionally identify with it.

GHS—Making movies is little..actually, it is hard. At times, I wonder why I do it. Why am I torturing myself? It feels that hard.  Even if it is not for some great goal, I feel that I am doing something and that I am telling a story about people and bestowing meaning to others and giving meaning to myself and it is all drawn out in a movie. As I make movies, I feel my thoughts and my philosophy becoming ever clearer. 

Nar—finally, the movie premier starts. Everyone holds their breath and focus on the movie.  How will the Teacher view her movie? She is already anxious. And how come there are so many parts that might need tweaking? (I wonder if this is GHS’s thoughts or the pd’s thoughts??) HS’s movie, Peach Tree is about a Siamese twins. 

(credit) Makers of movie:

Production: Goo HyeSun Film

Planning:       Goo HyeSun

          </SPAN>Goo HyeSun</FONT></FONT></SPAN>

Filming:      Kim Soon Yong

Lighting:  Bek Gwang Yong

Art:          Park JeWan (Blockbuster)

Conocurrent Recording: Kim YongKoo

Office duties: Kim Hun Jung

Costume:    Choi Eue Young

Producer:   Jo DaeEun, Yoo JiWon

Director:   Goo HyeSun

Nar—120 minutes of movie has finished. What would the feedback be?

GHS—Thank you so much for doing this into the late hour.

LeeWehSoo—I have so much to say. Anyway, it is a movie that you just cannot tolerate with a clear head (uh-oh!! Does it mean it is not a money maker??) Anyway, I need a beer first.  She is so surprising. Amazingly surprising. There is a story in there. It is important to have the necessary story parts. 

Nar—he is full of praises. 

Lee WehSoo—Real experts will know. The real cores will recognize it. (uh-oh!! How about the rest of people??)

Nar—we are getting curious about her movie made with passion. 

Nar—next epi: song bekGyung; her trainee days; reflection through junior trainees; Hally GHS in Singapore…tune