GHS –  Star Life Theater 7_5_12







GHS: We are starting the GHS’s Star Life Theatre as of this moment. 

Narr: Slender and white, known as ulzzang since youth is a pretty girl who has since grown to become an actress who represents Asia.  (Usually whatever the narrator says appears as writing on screen as well/)

ChoiDan: I hear that you are going to school. Go to school well and….

Nar: These days, HS is really enjoying being a student at age 29. An older student..

GHS: I don’t bring money.

Nar: (at the female fans making noise at the sight of GHS) Such a reaction is no big deal if she is seen on campus.

GHS: It is because they are not from the same department…even though we are all students…

Nar: When she decides to do something, she does her extreme best.

Nam SangMi: Our HS works on so many things and she dreams many dreams and she also seems to be thinking about so many things…

  </SPAN>She is a beauty of multiple directions, HS.</FONT></FONT></SPAN>

Jo SeungWoo—Director-nim, It has been a long time. When is the movie opening? I am nervously waiting for it…

GHS talking to staff: It would be good if only the introductory portion is loud.

Nar: We will also show you her movies that she created and shaped from her dreams and passion. Everday, she developes/evolves through her infinite passion. We invite all of you into her daily life.

Breezy early spring morning. We see HS with (heavy book bag) appearing. But she looks a bit gaunt. 

GHS: I have a test today.

Pd-Did you study?

GHS: Not enough. I have to study,,more.

Nar: She is speedily on her way to the subway but something catches her eyes.

GHS: Why? This costs 1200won? 

Nar: It seems like she is about to eat cookies for breakfast..

GHS: This is the crackers that I said I wanted to eat. (She cracks me up!!!)  Oh no! I forgot to put the food back in the refrigerator. It slipped my mind.

PD—You were in a hurry this morning. You did not even dry you hair.

GHS—yeh,,I rarely dry my hair.

Nar: HS says that she likes to use the public transportation on most occasions. It would seem that she would feel burdened by other people’s eyes on her…But HS says that she does not want to give up her blessed freedom just because of other people observing her. 

2 ladies: We followed her on purpose to see her.

Nar: Her personality is such that she is not very conscious of other people’s stare. 

Pd-Do you normally take the subway at times?

GHS—yes, I normally do. But it is my first time here (at the GoSuk or Highway Terminal.) (Maybe she only told the pd to meet her in front of the Café Manolin? She really does not live in Café Manolin??) 

Pd—where do you usually take the subway?

GHS—at the BuPyung station. (she smiles)

Nar-This time an elderly gentleman recognizes HS and greets her.

PD—(to the elderly greeters) Where did you see her before?

Lady—on TV. She was a pilot. We saw her a lot.

Nar—HS seems to just feel awkward at other people recognizing her. So HS seems to live her life among the common people as commonly as possible as an actress and a student.  Especially on days when she has exams,  riding the subway is like killing the two birds with one stone.  (We see GHS studying near the doorway.) It is because she can review what she studied all night long. 

Screen shows her younger pix riding on the subway as a proof that she normally takes the public transportation.

Nar: To not be conscious of strangers’ gaze is not easy but she says it depends how one thinks about it. 

GHS:  Realistically there is no way to be unaware of it (strangers’ gaze). But I recently thought this way. It is not that I am conscious of others. It is that others are conscious of me. It is because I do not know them but they know me. That is why they are conscious of me. I used to ask myself, why am I so conscious of others? But I realized that it is the opposite. After I realized and decided that it is not be but others who are conscious of me, I felt and became freer.  About behaviors.

Nar.– Inside the subway, a male student asksfor HS’s autograph. No matter what or where, she has no qualms about freely signing her autograph for him. (he also got her to shake his hand…keke)

Nar: That male student has something to brag about at his school. Finally she arrives at her school station. Are you curious about HS’s college life? Let us follow her. 

Nar—Last year, HS enrolled in the Art Colege of SKKU in its Film Department. 

GHS: I did not sleep all night. 

Nar—No matter how busy and tight her schedule, she has never missed or been late to her classes.  She is rumored to be a hard working student.  At age 20, she did complete just one semester at another college. At that time, she did not feel it absolutely necessary for her life and gave up the study. 8 years later, she felt the desire to study film directing and enrolled in the school.  Her first class this morning is a drawing class.

PD- isn’t morning class hard?

GHS—it is hard. I am not even in my right mind because I did not sleep last night. 

Nar: Even if she says it like that, she is known to come to class well prepared. She also seems to get along well with her classmates who are years younger than her. 

Male fellow classmate: She is very considerate and takes care of us. She brings us food and relates to us like a noona. That is why we are just comfortable with each other. 

Nar: Before the class starts, the teacher is going over the homework with each student. HS stayed up all night to prepared the homework. What is the teacher’s feedback? (We hear the teacher saying GHS’s work is pretty.) Even if we just skim over her drawing, we can see her talent and skill right away.  Because she loves the classes and finds them necessary for her work, she enjoys the school even more. 

Teacher: Since she is a celebrity and has a busy schedule which may have conflicts, I was worried that she will become negligent of her studies. On the contrary, she works really hard and there has not been any absence or lateness. She works so earnestly that in some ways she is a source of stimulation for other peers.

Nar—At age 28, she enrolled into a college. She is a late starter. Not too long ago, she was even elected SKKU’s YuShin=goddess. 

GHS—actually, I don’t think, even now, that I started school late. I really feel that it is unfair to limit a person and his/her work by age, such as age to be an actress, to be a director or to be a student.  We are all adults in a society.  We all want to do the work that we want and to study what we want to study. In the middle of all that, I don’t think age is important.  That is why, for me, I rarely say I am too old or too young for something. 

Nar-The drama that made GHS’s name known is Pure Heart of 19 and, of course, the drama BOF that created a syndrome is also representative of her works. As a bright and energetic high school student, Geum jandi, she received much love from people of all ages and sex.  Even if you look at her again, she really is an adorable girl, Geum Jandi.  She also took the acting challenges in various historical dramas to expand her acting genres. While acting on various roles, she has consistently worked on writing and directing works. She has made 5 films from scratch so far.  Among them is a film that won the audience award from the Busan International Film Festival. Such a multitalented HS—her next class is waiting. 

GHS—How long do I have?

??_only 5 minutes.

GHS—I have one more class.

PD—When do you eat?

GHS—I go to class without eating.

PD—why did you set up your classes like that? 

GHS—I know. I wonder too. Originally, I did not mean it to be this way. I basically wanted to come to school 3 days a week only and spend the rest of the week doing other works that I need to get done. But I did not realize that I would not even be able to eat. Phew..

Nar—She must be hungry. During the intermission/break time, she headed for the snack shop. She must feel like eating whatever she sees. 

GHS—Do you want some ice-cream? (kekek GHS and ice-cream!!!)

PD—Are you buying?


PD—yes,,please buy for us. 

GHS—Ok. Choose your pick.

PD—walnut, vanilla, 

Nar—HS also thinks about taking care of the PD’s. 

GHS—How about GIWook? (on the screen, it says GiWook is her manager). GiWook is going to eat this one. (I wonder if GHS just picked one for GiWook without getting his approval??? She addresses him like her dongseng or same age.)

Nar—And then for today’s main menu, she is going to fill up with roll of gimbap. However, at that moment, many students are staring at the SKKU Goddess who walked into the snack shop. 

Several male students introduce themselves and want to shake her hands. She does even though her hands are full. The male students say that they are in the acting department.  They say it is honor to meet her. Another one says, I am noona’s fan. They all want to escort her to wherever she is going. 

Nar—Today, she seems to be very popular. But as usual, she seems to be awkward with it. (GHS is seen distributing the ice-cream.)











GHS—(taking a bite out of Gimbap roll) I will start eating.

Nar—our down to earth HS—without caring about other’s gaze, she enjoys her snack.

GHS—It is because I am hungry. I was asked if I felt uncomfortable because I am an actress.  But, I feel that there is no connection of being a female, being an actress and eating gimbap from a snack shop. It is just the matter of hunger. 

Nar—because of her tight school schedule, she stays at school from morning to night to attend the lectures. (Wow!! Long day!!)

Nar—Several days later, we went to HS’s house again. (Wow, that is definitely Café Manolin…so she does live there! I think meow13 mentioned that Gamja has a house in front of a door that leads to another living quarter.)

GHS—(to Gamja) You cannot go outside. 

Nar—That rascal Gamja is frantically romping around.

GHS—Gamja-ya, no, no. Look at your fur. We are in trouble.

Nar—This is HS’s companion Gamja. He is named Gamja because his fur resembles color of potato. HS has shown numerous pix of herself and Gamja through SNS. 

PD—He needs lots of taking care of.

GHS—This is the time of his shedding. Because it is spring. It is tough for him too. 

Nar—HS says that she cannot live without Gamja. Whenever she has time, she plays with him and pats him. He is her friend and family. 

GHS—Gamja, Bye. I will be back. Bye.

Nar—She says goodbye numerous times and is going out the door…

PD—what is that?

GHS—This is coffee. 

PD—why coffee?

GHS—My mother went out on a picnic with her friends and I am going to deliver coffee for them.

Nar—Today, she is taking the car offered by her Agency to meet her mother at GwaChun.  But HS is tinkering with her handbag.

GHS—isn’t it pretty? This handbag is very old. 

PD—we only saw you with your bag pack. It has been a while since we saw you with a handbag. 

GHS—Guess how much it was?

PD—I am not sure.

GHS—How much did I say I paid? 5 Monwon? Yes 5 Monwon. 

PD—show us what is inside.

GHS—nothing much is in here.

PD—even so, please.

GHS—(showing her content) nothing much . Right?

Nar—unlike glamorous actress, she prefers utilitarian and comfortable things. 

GHS-handbags are for holding only few simple things. But I rarely have few simple things to hold. Usually I have to hold class books, a notebook, and other equipments. So I bought one handbag long time ago and this is all that I have for a handbag. 

PD—It is hard for us to believe that.

GHS—Really? I canot do anything about that.

Nar-Even if you look at her normal, everyday clothing style through pictures, we can see plainly that her preference is far from the glamorous fashion style. She does not like to dress up that her mother worries about her more. 

GHS—Mom made a request of me yesterday. She wants me to wear pretty clothes to go anywhere. My mother nags at me daily. She does not nag at me to drink less or come home early. She nags at me about growing my hair and dressing up pretty. 

Nar—This is the place that HS agreed to meet her mother. But,,,

GHS—Where is she..Mommy….(like a small child) Mommy is gone….Where is mommy? Aigo, this is so heavy. She said she is here to play. Now, where is she?  

Narr-Finally, she spots her. But they are not her mother. They are her mother’s friends from the elementary school.  (Aigo, so pretty. You really look like a doll, Let me touch your hand. .etc.) 

Nar—where is her mother? Ah there she is…Her daughter is so pretty that she has to take a step back for her friends. 

PD—you all did not know that she is coming today?

Ladies—we did not know at all. That is why we are so happy. You should have told us.

GHS’s mom—I am making the excitement. Because my daughter is here. 

PD—You must be happy.

GHS’s mom—Of course. I am happy.

Ladies—you are so pretty. I often wish she is my daughter. So envious. You rarely brag about your daughter to us. You never showed her to us, except for today…

PD—why didn’t you brag about your daughter??

GHS’s mom—even if I don’t brag about her, these days there is internet. They know before I do.

Ladies—she does not brag because she thinks we will get jealous. It is ok to brag.

Nar—being so pretty, HS received much attention from very young age. Before her debut, she caused news by being picked as one of the ulzzangs.  Not only is she pretty, but she is also very talented in singing. However, her parents were opposed to her going out into the entertainment field. GHS has always gone after her goals even at very young age. So, even with her parents’ opposition, she went ahead with her goals. Last 2009, she even secured the excellent actress award at the KBS Award Ceremony. 

GHS—At that time, there was a war between myself and my parents. To deal with that war, I had the audacity to tell them that it was all for the parents. Even though they may all laugh about it now and praise me, I am sure it was very hard for them at that time. And, I also had my own share of extreme difficulties.  Because we went through that time together, I guess that is what makes a family. That is about it.

Ladies- HS, did you make the coffee yourself?

GHS-I did not do it personally but..(laughter) 

Nar-she pours for each one with care. Everybody likes it. But, then, all the kiddie-fans started to gather around her. 

Kids—you are prettier than the TV..(another kid did not now GHS) Didn’t you see BOF? No…

Nar—Her mother must be so happy to see her daughter getting so much attention. Because they do not have papers, they want her to autograph their hands..

PD—It has been a long time since you spend some time together. How is it?

GHS-I feel a bit awkward. 

Mother-Tell them  you like it.

PD—what is awkward about it?

GHS—we are like that.

Mother—no, we like it. 

PD—is your daughter usually quiet and detached and asocial?

Mother—no, not at all. Why would she be.

Nar—there are good things about becoming an actress and gaining lots of popularity. But there also can be some regrets. One of them is not being able to spend lots of time with her mother. 

GHS—Many times, I do think that I am not such a good daughter to my parents.  The reason is that often I am not acting as part of the family but as an independent. The feeling is that of being apart and far away. For example, for the pursuit of what can be positively referred to as art, I spent lots of time in agony and distress. Instead of being a daughter within a family who can be adored and protected by her family, I was more a person who had to have some space and be left alone. 

InChun Airport:

Nar-Few days later, HS appeared at the InChun International Airport. 

PD—Where are you going today?

GHS-I am going to Taiwan. Can you hear my voice out here? Let us talk inside.

Nar—Soon HS’s drama that she made in Taiwan will air. 

GHS—Taiwan is very similar to Korea. There are lots of tasty things there. I also feel that there are many similarities between Koreans and Taiwanese.  I really like it there. It feels like home there. 

Nar-HS says that she spent some time for the airport fashion today. To that degree, this trip to Taiwan seems to be important. 

GHS—When I get off the plane, I have few set agenda and interviews that my stylist coordinated my clothes for me. 

PD—(pd focusing a shot on her shoes) Is this GHS’s airport fashion?

GHS—well, I don’t know. Yes, I am here at the airport so yes it is airport fashion. 

Nar—the drama that she participated in Taiwan… What would her popularity be over there? Please tune in next time to find out.