Wang with Dongcheng courtship, to the benefit of good sweet smile


  Yesterday impromptu “courtship, Korean actress Hye Sun ring finger ring, hate to marry 30-year-old Jiro, eager to leave, then” flash marriage “children!  27-year-old with good benefits claimed temporary hold the doctrine of “marriage”!  

Han Hye Sun and Wang Dongcheng (East) arrived in the new drama “Absolute Darling” campaign trail, both because of the play become attached to, get along with a few months Houmo Qi Jia, yesterday to accept the visit of the local media, the Big East or even live improvisation “courtship” and took off wearing the silver ring, impatient stuck KHS ring finger, threw the one I really want to get married. “, she Wuzui the shy sweet smile!  

Appearance is sweet, petite, pleasant with good benefits, “absolutely” played by the desire to love girls, and general access to the Han “mine” more than, she is definitely the most dare to speak Korean actress, yesterday blew school era had The confession is rejected, later revealed that temporary is the doctrine of the “marriage”.  “Wu respect Ciyan? Jiro picking up two stalls. The entire story, please read 15.04.2012 “United Evening News.”



 During media interview in SG, Jiro impromptuly “confess love” to Hye Sun (jokingly of course!). He removed his own silver ring and try to put it on hye sun. Jiro said he really wants to get married and Hye sun just returned with a sweet smile – the article says it’s usually quite “troublesome” to interview Korean star, but Hyesun is definitely the most “straightforward & easy going ” one. She revealed that she had an experience of failed confession in school days, and for this moment she is “not want to be married”-ism