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[Asia Economy Park, So – Yeon News] China at the end cosmetics brand launched in April and go ahead, Chinese social movie opened on the 9th China-shattering year campaign topic. and go over the past nine days, for an authentic Chinese website in China open and aggressive digital marketing a movie based on a social ‘choryeon (初恋)’ has launched a social movie of William Butler Yeats ‘choryeon’ China’s first attempt at a digital campaign to take the starring Hallyu star Lee Min Ho in Jeju cheongjeongseom First Love Hot and open about the story before the Chinese fans have been of great interest. social movie SNS account of your own photos to create a movie that the hero himself utilizing new forms of advertising is a technique most often used in the Chinese Innisfree reonreonwangeul SNS beam and through a gateway service to participate and, SNS users do not use the advantage of some simple photo images stored on your PC you can try your hand at. These new digital techniques Hallyu star Lee Min Ho and consumers through his first love sad movies inside that you can create your own point was to stimulate the emotions of Chinese women. hanjeonghwa Innisfree, marketing assistant “actively using online and mobile consumers in China has rapidly spread the last nine days after the official opening short Approximately 100,000 people in over a huge crowd of concurrent users connect to the site several times a day, the server may be down, “he explained. and go the the Social Movie ‘choryeon’ campaign starting in earnest in China to stage a variety of marketing activities plans The end of April, an official in Shanghai, China No. 1 is scheduled to open stores. and go celebrate the launch of the China Social participation in a possible movie.