Lee Min Ho, also Suits costume drama ~

‘Choi ~ colon duke.’

New trees in the SBS mini-series actor Lee ‘God’ (script and directing songjina Hak and gauze) news you got cast in the two became known in various Internet community site created by fans, is coming up one after another collage. Lee consideration of the samurai drama baeyeokin Choi’s appearance illustrated to draw another picture of the existing ones and most prepared is Such as the hands of a knife like bow to each other irrespective of the charismatic hanagatyi ‘Choi colon’ realistic appearance is shown.

Lonely eyes, long hair, something like Dodge massive ipmae resolution, look in your eyes closed, locked up in thoughts, anger, etc. of the bow pulling pose a martial arts hero in the novel shows great charm. It is too plausible character posters of the work might have been taken in advance, and so mistaken. Lee about this agency official said, “the first drama to challenge the questions and curiosity about Lee Min Ho’s appearance caused the action seems to be amplified,” said ” through the drama of Lee fans want to see a new look that great desire was felt up again, “he said.

The official continued: “Lee diligence and enthusiasm of the fans, but this is widely known photo of the costume came up too fast, too startled Lee I just wanted to say thank you,” he said. ‘God’ of the drama starring Lee Yeon Hee Ji ‘ghost’ and husokhae will be broadcast in August.

Realyong@sphk.co.kr reporter for nystagmus