Jiro female makeup affixed fake eyelashes cheongsam open fork exposed thigh

China CTV and GTV idol drama “absolutely Darling on Sunday <8,> 21:40 FTV broadcast, Jiro Wang, male and female, with good benefits in the play also play role-playing, Jiro disguised as a woman wearing a dress, demon Johnson’s appearance, with good benefits not only vigorously praise, and even Wang and her mother think the son of super-positive. KHS changed cute image, become Wild Catwoman, the pure appearance of long hair, like back to school days, but compared to the hair, with good benefits that he love the short hair style. Jiro Wang said, this is not the first time in the play disguised as a woman, but is the most difficult time, “just set installed on the set 20 times faster to get it.” Trial maid loaded, and apparel, evening gowns evening dress, etc., all can not express the Big East is too strong, soft feeling, and finally are all dropped, until the the cheongsam installed only OK to Dadong says with a laugh: “Because the the cheongsam installed to cover the more muscle.” Although the cover muscles, but cheongsam fork open to the entire thigh, Big East, said: “That should be exposed.” wearing only underwear as protective measures. Fitted to wear cheongsam, Dadong also draw big heavy makeup, make-up time than usual for a long time, “only knew that he sat for a long time.” The first time, try to wear false eyelashes, long and thick false eyelashes, so the thought of Dadong The front of the eye like a brush brush to brush.


 After crew dressed-up, the Big East women’s appearance, KHS vigorously praised, as he says: “very beautiful and prettier than the girls, we also specifically take pictures.” A home, the Dadong holding the camera photo to mom, mother Wang is the son of women’s appearance to score a direct claim “are sister. Dadong said: “really do not want to have the next makeup from face painting is full of cute, but immediately break the neck, like King Kong Barbie.” Especially given installed, a pile of clothes and wigs, He felt that the really hard to be a girl. KHS wearing long hair and play cat girl like short hair kind ofalways been the appearance Take a lovely line with good benefits also play to put on the cat ladies, KHS small Lu Xiangjian rare show a small woman’s enchanting. She said: “I feel a lot of fun, have the opportunity to dress like that, find it very interesting day filming in the atmosphere is very pleasant.” Jiro Wang also praised KHS cat ladies pretty different from the quiet of her talent female looks like. Play Catwoman, KHS also rare to wear a wig, with good benefits, said: “I still prefer short hair, because it’s easy, more suitable for me, can reveal its own personality.” Saturday <7 days > KHS together with Jiro Wang, Xie Kunda Cast as “absolutely Darling launched three days, 53 hours marathon promotion, in addition to the press conference and outdoor premiere in Taipei autograph session, the three will take the high-speed rail to Kaohsiung. to meet with the Southern fans. “Absolute Darling” will be held on the evening of April 8, 9 40 FTV premiere, April 14 will be eight integrated units at 9 on Channel.