LMH kkotnam → Beautiful skin transformation ‘skin even hunnam’


[hongmigyeong News] ‘Flower Boy’ Lee with a warm appearance, handsome, smooth skin that has certified to the skin. drama ‘Boys Over Flowers’, ‘sitiheonteo’ through the domestic as well as enjoying a great popularity in Asia Lee recently naturalist, was chosen as a new model for cosmetic brand Innisfree finished shooting the first ad.


Innisfree’s new man who is called ‘Forest Forman’ filmed in Jeju Island with the launch of this advertising and the nature of the forest, to break the concept was held in Jeju Gotjawal. Lee shook the pictures on the yeosim smile to the face naturally radiant skin even has certified hunnamimeul. usually seemed more chilly weather in March in Jeju Island, shot Lee in the field, despite a thin dress-down singgeureoum cosmetics model, he said. Shooting in particular, Gotjawal Lee as a filming location for the most memorable cited enough to enjoy the comfort of a real forest, and was taken back door. Lee obtained 1 “The country is also not so wonderful, clean place is amazing,” he said testimony. hand and go “Forman Forrest ‘clean Jeju Gotjawal pine, cedar, cypress contains complex in Jeju phytoncide tired skin men restored me to the Men’s Skincare line consists of a total of 15 species.



/ Hongmigyeong reporter mkhong@joynews24.com