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[OSEN = Ju intern reporter] as well as the domestic film industry in Hollywood eomchinah, eomchinttal directing actors, making the news after another is said has attracted the attention of fans. first representative eomchinah Hollywood, George Clooney and Jodie Foster is regarded eomchinttalro next month seukeurinseo Each film kingmeyikeo ‘and’ Beaver ‘holding domestic audiences is scheduled to meet with George Clooney film “Confessions” in Revelation as a directing debut, “Good Night, and Good Luck ‘and social movies made ​​with a message received considerable attention has been released on the eve of the 19th next month ‘kingmeyikeo’ participation in the screenplay to the Golden Globes, Academy Awards, was nominated for Screenplay at. critics and audiences for his yeonchulryeok already “rose water” to say, his’ second Clint Eastwood’s called pyeonghagi too. this ‘kingmeyikeo’ was shown in previous works as well as in society, looking to cool George Clooney got a glimpse of the unique production management is raising expectations. Meanwhile, representatives jiseongpa Hollywood actor George Clooney, along with Jodie Foster is regarded as the third full-length yeonchuljak also found carrying a domestic audience. Has mainly dealt with the story of the family of the time Jodie Foster movie “Maverick” with Mel Gibson in conjunction with the breath matchwotdeon ‘home on the verge of being culled from the most healing project’ Green movie “Beaver” put the pieces in the production and domestic production actors to participate in one after another is increasing. “Jack of all trades’ GHS famous movie actor ‘Magic’ Bar and directed, and his new ‘piece of memory’ are the first slated for release in the Cannes market is also the first feature-length directorial debut also yujitae actor ‘sans Siberian’ spur of the shooting is imposing. In addition, the film actor Park Joong ‘celebrities (working title) “was entered directing Jung was also known for a long time been preparing for my yeonchuljak prayed Initially, many of the actors involved in the movie, directed by the news that they in fact pyohaetdeon concerns. However, recent long period of time ready to start on the basis of strong fundamentals yeonchuljak actors interested as well as cinema box-office success jeokeurodo in and out of it as a positive point of view is watching the situation. [related Article]