Star of the rare diseases, GHS circles secrets of the lens 


 [Enews24 Ahn, Yeon – Soon reporters: “Hallyu star actress, find all the rare and beautiful identity of symptoms?” pretty as a dreamy fairy tale hero privileged prayer, but like the adventure and adventure movies on TV to get through hardships seutadeul ! In the public’s love and attention, that seemed happy, healthy and come to them suddenly rare symptoms. goddess called GHS difficult to learn acting skills and beauty released from the eye with a secret actress Kim Min Jung had no choice but to give up this role to reason aired on cable channels 22 days tvN ‘to e-case task force the U.S. imperialists’ symptoms, the cause is unknown, the stars looked stricken.  








 2008 to learn first GHS drama choegangchilwoo ‘shooting circle lenses at the time has ravaged by controversy. GHS at the time of treatment rather than for cosmetic lenses that compensate for the said. Story a star and a wider field of view than others, right and left eyes when immersed in different directions – like symptoms will come. corrected the situation, this can not end up on the lenses that complement GHS controversial controversy dates to disclose his rare diseases was dismissed. actor Kim Min Jung ‘calcific tendinitis’ as an actor with a rare disease that is tailored to the case was emptied. ‘Calcific tendinitis’ Iran calcareous grains from damaging muscles and ligaments around the time of symptoms Kim Min Jung drama ‘Hero’ heroine had to get off position. pathogenesis Strike 2009 ‘2009 drama filming at the time of calcific tendinitis of the shoulder injury was aggravated. Fortunately, due to continued rehabilitation wanchihan present state. chaesira husband, Kim Tae story of a rare disease was unveiled. Singer Kim Tae currently active in the business. In 2000 he began to have increased asexual. A psychological effect on asexual increase or voice when you use too much tissue mabidwae hudugeun voice was not heard a singer Kim Tae symptoms and was sentenced to death for. but with a new dream to overcome hardships, and now a 12-year veteran CEO are preparing for a new business.

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