Furniture craftsman model “Christine bedroom series’ production 
1000000000010000 Exclusive 20% discount until May 31.

Lee was furnished.

Craftsman furniture ( www.jangin.com ) its model and kolraeboreyisyeonhan Lee Furniture Lee ‘Christine bedroom series published a.

‘Christine bedroom series that Lee participated in the direct production and product design, according to his intentions feminine sensibility and rustic beauty, and romantic and the classic concept is well-contained.

Lee most especially in mind while designing the furniture is put away for three reasons. Part of eco-friendly design that can be touched and women, and artisans craftsmanship of the furniture is suitable to fame.

Finishing products are released, as his intention to finish with foil enhanced the eco-friendliness, wood routers Results are expressed as two natural shape that the director had chosen what. In addition, the product of the color of the light pink overall hwayiteuton applying so you can stimulate the emotions of women have.

Adopted in the form of chest gallery gallery of classic elegance salridoe parser take home pay, rather than the flesh of yours truly and paste each of handicraft craftsmanship and styles also introduced to the ship.

Christine Lee Limited Edition Limited Edition bedroom series is 1000000000010000.Flights to celebrate the launch until May 31 to 6 per door wardrobe 2,086,000 1,699,000 won won about 20 percent are sold on discounted deals. Some of the proceeds from the sale will be donated to social welfare organizations. 

In addition, President Lee Limited Edition Furniture website launched to commemorate the event will make a massive CF images of their 128 members people scraped by SNS chucheomhae presents a generous giveaway.

Kim, Ji – Hye reporter


SOURCE: http://www.fnn.co.kr/content.asp?aid=5cd016b0b4bf4a088715f689768681cb