“Take Care of Us, Captain” Clara’s wicked character gets jealous


Clara revealed her jealousy at Ji Jin-hee and Koo Hye-seon’s relationship.

On the latest episode of SBS drama “Take Care of Us, Captain”, aired on February 22nd, Mi-joo (Clara/Lee Seong-min) realized there was a relationship between Yoon-seong (Ji Jin-hee) and Da-jin (Koo Hye-seon) and got jealous.  

Mi-joo knew Yoon-seong was seeing someone but when she found out that it was Da-jin, she became very jealous. She was mad and said to herself, “I can’t believe I was beaten by Han Da-jin”.

However, Yoon-seong didn’t know what Mi-joo was thinking and showed all his affection for Da-jin in the office.

He couldn’t hide his feelings as he looked at her with loving eye and smiled widely at her.  Mi-joo asked Ji-won “Is your relationship with pilot Kim Yoon-seong special?” Ji-won had once lied to her. Mi-joo continued, “It’s not in progress now. The past is just the past. Now you stay out of this. You are not the one to protect Kim Yoon-seong”.  

Mi-joo’s obsession with Yoon-seong was frightening. He thought about getting rid of Ji-won first and not Da-jin. She revealed her wicked side as she went on, “Was it fun playing around with me? You can’t protect Kim Yoon-seong but I can. Protect him or get lost”.  

Those who have seen the episode say, “I wonder what she’s going to do to Da-jin”, “There’s no way Yoon-seong and Da-jin’s relationship was going to be that steady” and more.  

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