Hunan Satellite TV′s Happy Camp will be revealing more footage of Lee on the show due to the explosive responses.

On January 14, the Lee Min Ho special of the show climbed to the top of the viewership ratings charts, and because viewers started to send in requests for more Lee Min Ho, the show decided to schedule an additional episode.

A rep from Hunan Satellite TV stated, “Because there were so many inquiries from the viewers about unaired portions, we decided to air on February 18 the videos we didn′t air that day.”

Happy Camp has been one of the most popular programs in China since 1997, and covers various issues in broadcasting, entertainment and social issues. For its New Year′s special in January, Lee Min Ho appeared on the show as an exclusive guest. The 90-minute episode recorded the highest viewership ratings for any program during the last two years.

An official of Hunan Satellite TV said, “Because we aired the Lee Min Ho special to fit the 90 minute slot, there isn′t much more we can show. But there were so many fans who wanted to see Lee Min Ho for at least one more minute, so we decided to reveal all of our unaired content.”

In the meantime, City Hunter has been airing in Japan through Fuji TV since February 6, and is bringing the actor much popularity, even being called Lee Min Ho′s City Hunter. From February 22, TBS plans to air Personal Taste, which is expected to add to Lee′s influence in the country.