ABSOLUTE DARLING wish Everyone Happy

Lantern Festival – Chinese Valentaine’s Day



Source: 絕對達令 @ FB



Xiao Fei & Night wish you all a happy Lantern Festival!!! Why people fly lanterns on day of the Lantern Festival? Anyone know?? Ah ~~ There were  lot of bandits during the Qing dynasty. In order to escape  from the bandits, people fled to the mountains. After the bandits left, people who stay in the village would fly sky lanterns at night to notify villagers to go home. It became the ritual to pray for safety during the Festival. Night & Xiao Fei also flied a sky lantern hand in hand ~~ they wish everyone safe, happy and healthy in the year of the dragon!!! Xiao Fei & Night will be seen in Taiwan soon!!! Please stay tuned ^^

Translation: meow