Goo Hye Sun has the same acting face over 10 years

now: “Did she Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V her face?”

Actress Ku Hye Sun made netizens laugh by keeping a constant acting face.

Recently, a picture titled “Ku Hye Sun has the same acting face over 10 years now” on an online community gallery.

The posting is composed of two pictures of Ku: one is from MBC’s Nonstop 5 which aired 10 years ago and the other is from recent SBS’s drama series Take Care of Us, Captain.

The pictures show her baby face which hasn’t changed a bit over 10 years, but netizens also point out that her acting skills hasn’t changed a bit.

The netizen who posted the pictures comment “She has been keeping the same acting face for 10 years inNonstop, The King And I, Boys Over Flowers, and Take Care Of Us, Captain. It feels as if watching the character Keum Jan Di in all of her works,” indirectly showing his hope in seeing Ku’s new and improved side in acting.

Netizens who saw the posting comment: “She smiles and frowns at the same time. What am I gonna do with that look?” “I think Take Care Of Us, Captain will another work of Keum Jan Di.” “You’ll get better. Cheer up, Hye Sun unnie!”